How a Distinguished Leader Leads

“In order to carry action we must develop here a positive vision.”    The Dalai Lama

Every day, leaders of all kinds are attempting to lead teams of people. Some leaders are more effective than other leaders. Some leaders distinguish themselves in notable ways that propel their teams forward. Whether it is a corporate or sports or volunteer team, there are specific attitudes, beliefs and actions that mark the difference between an average team and a winning team. Distinguished Leaders study the landscape and they invest in the people as they lead. There are specific measures that are common among successful teams.

A Distinguished Leader articulates the vision and mission with passion and clarity so that everyone can see the vision and then buy into the purpose and cause regardless of the person’s position. Every person is valuable to the attainment of the vision and each person must be able to identify their role in the bigger picture.

A Distinguished Leader demonstrates respect and appreciation for each member of the team, from the star talent to the person behind the scenes. These days the workforce is more transient than historically. Because of the “get a paycheck” mentality, the Distinguished Leader paints the picture of the vision and each person’s role with such passion that the person’s buy in overrides the pervasive fear so each person and the team can move beyond the crippling fears and focus toward achievement of the ultimate goal of the team. Team members need to have a stake in the outcome to perform with excellence. As a Distinguished Leader, each person’s welfare is your authentic concern. Each person knows that you care for and about them as people first and then a team player second. When the team members know that the leader authentically cares about their growth and welfare, the team member will naturally perform at their best because of the relationship, not because of threats or demands.

How a Distinguished Leader leads:

  • Cast the vision and paint a picture using the art of persuasion. Paint the picture with words so that everyone has a visual.
  • Release the use of demands and using threats to motivate the team. These create resentments and ultimately undermine the bigger picture.
  • Energize the team members to go beyond minimum standards by rallying them around the compelling mission and vision. When everyone can see the vision and the importance of the vision, the team’s energy is electric.
  • Put a face on what you are attempting to accomplish so that everyone can see the ultimate goal.

Distinguished Leaders help others and are providing a valuable service. Distinguished Leaders are ever mindful of allowing others to receive accolades or credit for a particular project. After all, it is the focus on doing good and being of service that is most important to the Distinguished Leader. It is not about getting personal credit; it is about moving the organization and the team members toward the desired goals. To accomplish this, every person is striving to be their personal best as the project moves forward.

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