The Importance of Advocacy with Emily Levy

“It was possible for things to be fair or that they were supposed to be fair.”– Emily Levy (03:44-03:48) Advocacy ensures people in the society can protect their privileges and have their thoughts and desires considered. In this week’s episode … Read More

Your Body Bears the Burden

“Our body can’t perform for us if we’re not treating it with the utmost respect that it deserves.”— Julie Ashlock (25:25-25:36)   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercising regularly or eating healthy food. It means loving and appreciating … Read More

Are You Gifted and Don’t Know It?

“Gifted people love to have a sense of perfectionism in their environment.”  — Dianne A. Allen (02:49-02:53) Gifted people have untypical brain development, which is why they sometimes see the world acutely and feel big emotions. It’s time that we … Read More