Neurodiversity in Everyday Life

Episode 220: Neurodiversity in Everyday Life with Brent Sopel Host: Dianne A. Allen Unaware of clinically having Dyslexia, former professional hockey player Brent Sopel discovered his disability at age 32. In this inspiring episode, Brent shares what the real struggles … Read More

5 Great Little Tranquilizers

Episode 219: 5 Great Little Tranquilizers This has been a stressful period for all of us. Whether you’re gifted, intensely sensitive or not, problems feel magnified that arise from health to economic, social, political and environmental things. It’s just everywhere. … Read More

What Happens When You Accept Being A Gifted Adult

Episode 218: What Happens When You Accept Being A Gifted Adult with Victoria-Rose Supper Victoria-Rose Supper wears many hats as a social media strategist, publicist, and musician and fully enjoys taking on more interests when she decides to accept her … Read More

Be True to You – 5 Essentials

Episode 217: Be True to You – 5 Essentials   When we’re gripped with fear, it’s impossible to be true to ourselves and live our authentic best life. In this episode, allow me to give you the five essential ways … Read More

Mastering the Art of Discomfort

Episode 216: Mastering the Art of Discomfort   This episode hits close to home as I have been experiencing intense, significant discomfort recently. I see pain everywhere with what’s going on with COVID— of being disconnected from our source and … Read More