The Addiction Much Bugger Than Opioids


“I have been an addiction specialist for 40 years and I am tired of hearing that opioids are the big epidemic.” — Dianne A. Allen (00:09-00:18)

Are you tired of opioids being labeled as an epidemic? Yes, they are an epidemic. They have been an epidemic for a very long time because heroin is in the opioid family.

But there are many more addictions that are bigger than that. We see it everywhere around us and it is likely not what you think. In this week’s episode, Dianne A. Allen talks about the addiction that is much bigger than opioids.

Part One of ‘The Addiction Much Bigger Than Opioids’

Fear is an addiction much bigger than opioids ever will be. Fear is a chemistry in the body that we can easily be addicted to. We can be addicted to things that are not just physical.

You can be addicted to fear and not feel afraid because fear is the fuel for anger and irritation. It’s like turning up the gas on the stove. Whenever we have fear underneath, there are only two motivators: fear and love.

“Every single person that I have treated in 40 years, there has been a ninety percent success rate.” – Dianne A. Allen (02:38-02:44)

If there’s fear underneath, and you have anything going on, you will immediately become angry. Every time you see somebody who’s angry all the time, it’s because they have fear beneath, even if they’re not feeling fear. When you hear the word addiction, realize that it does not only refer to things like alcohol, drugs, marijuana, and opioids.

Part Two of ‘The Addiction Much Bigger Than Opioids’

Some people are struggling to address their fear issues. It’s an inner addiction that we rarely pay attention to. It’s happening a lot in our world today. It pushes people to harm others and put more toxic energy into this universe than ever before.

“You don’t have to live in fear. Go out there and employ some faith in your world.” – Dianne A. Allen (15:31-15:36)

You must have a sense of awareness and identify how fear is affecting your life. How is it affecting your relationships, creativity, work, and everything? Faith is the only antidote to fear because it is much bigger than most things.

People usually associate it with high spirituality and religion, but it’s about your core faith. The faith that when you sit in a chair, it’s not going to fall apart, and it’s going to hold you.

You don’t have to live in fear. Go out there and employ some faith in your world. No matter what you do, use your faith to bring yourself more joy. It’s ridiculous to live in panic, fear, and terror. That’s not what we’re meant for at all.

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