5 Freedom Mechanisms

Freedom is a powerful word and carries so many meanings to different people. There is freedom of choice, religion, speech and the like. Inner freedom is related to peace and joy and is a focus for many people. Some look for freedom outside of themselves, never noticing that most human bondage is an inner bondage of limiting beliefs or ideas. Still others look inside for their freedom and do not properly pay attention to the world they are living in and how to negotiate daily life. Both extremes are harmful and can cause even more separation from the important aspects of awareness. You will want the discernment needed to live an authentically.There are 5 freedom mechanisms that I share with my clients. Today, I am freer than ever and I anticipate increased freedom as I transform human ignorance into awareness and consciousness.

Freedom Mechanism 1 is Integrity.

Integrity is one of the most revered values and qualities yet many people are not yet focusing on developing it more fully in their lives. Many folks who believe they have integrity and never engage in self examination are missing the mark. I also know some people who think integrity is highly overrated because it is an ideal and no one ever really makes it anyway they say. Self-evaluation and feedback is critical to living in integrity. To be your very best is one on the mechanisms that leads to freedom; inner and outer.

pooh and pigletFreedom Mechanism 2 is Authenticity.

Authenticity is one of the most valued qualities in today’s business environment. Consumers want to know who they are dealing with and they want to see the real you! Authenticity is when your words match your actions AND you motives are transparent. Does your face look how your insides feel and does this match your thoughts and intentions? Leaving are the days of secrecy and mystique around every corner. If you want to truly be free, increase your authenticity and experience more freedom and connection.

Freedom Mechanism 3 is Clarity of Vision and Values.

Clarity of vision is vital to both personal and business success, fulfillment and freedom. What do you want out of life, really? How will you know when you are free, really? Is your vision clear? Did it come from within you rather than from some external source that you adopted? Only with a clear vision are you then able to employ the proper values to keep the focus and momentum.

monkeys-in-snowFreedom Mechanism 4 is Connection.

Connection is the correction to much of our woes and limitations. Attempting to be independent rather than interdependent as an adult is limiting. It does not serve anyone for adults to play small. As adults, we are wired to be interdependent. When members of a society become increasingly isolated and revert to adolescent type independence, the entire group suffers from more limitation and bondage. Freedom, then will remain elusive. Connection within, without and with the Higher Self are all equally important to being free.

Freedom Mechanism 5 is Action.

Action and being mindful of our actions is the last major mechanism for freedom on a daily basis. What actions are you taking for the highest good of all concerned? Is what you are doing serving the greater good or are you caught in the trap of self will and self-seeking which leads to anger, resentment and bondage which is the opposite of the freedom most of us seek.

The Point is:

These 5 freedom mechanisms are the core mechanisms and of course there are others and there are sub mechanisms within the ones I have put forth here. My point is that so many people say that freedom is their goal and desire yet they decline the opportunities to transform beyond their current state of human limitation. This stops their enjoyment of the freedom they seek. Establishing and maintaining a lifestyle that is focused on and respectful of transformation is part of the foundation to true freedom.

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