5 Proven Steps of Accountability

Life Happens. The truth is that the world around us doesn’t care what posture you take. Reality always shows up. The choice you make every day is to be the victim of circumstance or to be accountable for your choices. There are 5 proven steps of accountability that are evidence of your life fitness.

When reality shows up, you have choice regarding your initial response. This initial response sets the stage for either victim-hood or accountability.

The victim stance is a powerful one. When you are the victim you are always morally right yet neither responsible or accountable and therefore entitled to endless sympathy. A victim response is one of ignorance or denial of reality. From the beginning, the posture and responses offer clear indicators as to whether you are in victim mode.

Let’s look at the 5 steps of victim-hood:

1.Ignorance and Avoidance of Reality.
2. Denial or Fighting Reality
3. Blaming Others or Projecting Responsibility onto others
4. Making Excuses and Deflecting from the Matters at Hand
5. Resignation and Status-Quo Thinking

This cycle keeps the victim in a self-made prison which prohibits personal growth or self-mastery.

Just as there is an identifiable path of victim-hood, there is a path that is predictable of accountability. When you are accountable for your life choices, you are aware and you approach life events head on rather than blaming others and avoiding responsibility. The 5 steps that indicate you are being accountable are in contrast to the steps of victim-hood.

The 5 steps in the Accountability Mindset include:

1. Awareness and a Solution Mind Set – “What is the situation?”
2. Clarity – “I see what is going on” or “This is the way it is.”
3. Focus and Energy Investment – “I’ve got to do something”
4. Solution Identification – “What are my options?” or “What can I do?”
5. Taking Action – “This is what I will do.” or “Let’s get started”

Accountability is a posture in life that embraces change which leads to self-mastery and personal development. As you grow in your understanding of self and you are willing to make changes, you are known as a person of integrity who takes accountability and responsibility for actions and outcomes. This brings about life fitness and success.

Both victim-hood and accountability have distinct differences. How you approach the situations in your life determines a stagnant type existence of victim-hood from a life of integrity and accountability which has growth and depth. With every experience, you choose your posture.

Victim-hood or Accountability, which?


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