5 Proven Ways to Raise Your Vibration

There are many ways to raise your vibration. Some ask me why this evens matters. Well, lower vibrations such as fear, doubt, pain, grief, guilt and worry are heavy and they hold you down. As you are weighted down by the lower vibrations, you can become sick or even depressed. Raising your vibration helps in all areas of life from doing the dishes to closing large business deals. The lower the vibration, the more challenges.

Low vibrations are like running through Jello where higher vibrations are similar to gliding on the breeze in lightness. When you feel tired because things seem hard, it is because your vibration has lowered and it is time to raise your frequency. You are in charge and have the ability to raise your vibration and set yourself free.

As your vibration raises by using some of the methods below, you will notice more smiles and more cooperation with others. You vibration can be understood in a range from 0 to 100. Zero means “not alive” and 100 means “fully alive and vibrant”. There are many stages in between and your vibration varies moment to moment. It is your predominant vibration that will be most obvious.

Here are 5 proven ways to raise your vibration:

Be Grateful

Being grateful is the most effective avenue for raising your vibration. There are three types of Gratitude. Being grateful for what is going well, gratitude in the face of something not going to your liking and gratitude for gratitude’s sake. Being grateful is a choice not a feeling and it is not dependent on others. If you are discontented or ungrateful in your attitude, the flow of joy and happiness being sot slow down and eventually you will feel disconnected and alone. After all, being grateful is a wonderful and powerful choice to make for you own well-being.

Be Responsible

Be responsible. Do what you say you are going to do and do not do what you say you are not going to do. When you say one things and do another, you are out of integrity and therefore lacking responsibility. If you truly want to raise your vibration, it is vital that you speak and act in alignment. In my business, people will occasionally not act or speak responsibly. This make is difficult for me to engage with them on a business level. Playing the victim, blaming others and not keeping your word will certainly keep your vibration low. Raising your vibration will not be possible when you are not in alignment truly with your inner perceptions and values. Your thoughts and feelings create your world. You are in charge and it is a choice to be responsible. You will instantly feel raising of your vibration as you choose gratitude and responsibility.

Allow and Trust Your Emotions

Allow yourself to feel your feelings, put them out on the table so to speak and allow the flow. You will be able to identify any thoughts that are holding you back. Often simply being open and aware opens your perceptions and you are then able to unblock old beliefs and habits.  Let yourself go with the flow. Enjoy life and place your attention on what serves you and allows for your growth and higher vibration.

Be Open

Being open and accepting is a corner stone to raising vibration. As humans, we tend to think we know more than we actually do and then we become closed minded. We soon cannot feel truly alive because to the heaviness and blocks. Being open minded is also a choice to pay attention. Know that success and Joy leave clues and it is your responsibility to pay attention.

Be Compassionate

To be compassionate means that you are forgiving. The first order of business is to offer compassion to yourself then extend it to others from your overflow. Simply forgiving and holding the intention of compassion for people, situations and you raises your vibration. Every experience of compassion and forgiveness raises your vibration. By practicing kindness and compassion, you will notice your language being more gentle and caring. These changes raise your vibration quickly.


These are 5 of the proven ways to raise your vibration. There are many other ways to raise your vibration. A simple way to tell if something is raising your vibration or lowering your vibration is to ask: “Do I feel lifted up or brought down?” Your response will give you immediate results for you to choose your destiny, moment by moment.

Now, it is time to remain focused on being lifted up.


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