5 Questions Change Agents Ask Themselves

As Mahatma Gandhi taught: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Yes, you are the change agent you have been looking for all along! Now, that you have been found, you can get focused and take action, right? All good change agents know how to ask effective questions. There are 5 questions change agents ask themselves regularly.
Many people want to see change yet they want it to come slowly and in a manner, they would most desire. The truth is that change is often messy as life itself is messy. It is also true that the change we seek must come from the inside out first then be brought out to impact the world.

Feeling stuck in a certain life pattern often serves a higher purpose. When the purpose has been exhausted, it is time to change and grow. In your change are the seeds of great transformation that are beginning to sprout and be known. When what you are doing ceases to be as effective as the past, it is time to get moving and make some transformative changes. The irritation and frustration that comes from being stuck is the perfect fuel for your break through to occur. What worked before doesn’t work anymore and it’s up to you to seek new, higher ground.

Are you resisting a new idea or belief or behavior? What can you do to become freer and begin to make changes that support your personal transformation?

Here are five ways to be a change agent:

1. What can I let go of to facilitate healthy change? Your past can keep you limited. Are you thinking about events that have already happened, old news? What limiting beliefs do you keep reinforcing from the past? Saying things like, “I can’t do that because I don’t have enough money,” or “That would be impossible because I’ve never done that before,” can keep you in a limited place. Become aware of anyone that you have a resentment toward and offer compassion to the people and the situation. Take the time to make inner changes and be willing to release old beliefs, patterns and paradigms. Your inner work is perfectly reflected in your life. Change some habits around and see how you are freer to make changes. Remember that playing small doesn’t serve you or others.

2. Is my relationship with change serving me and others? Do you resist change? What if you made friends with change? Socrates said: “The only constant is change.” It seems then, that learning to be a change agent and to flow with change would serve better. When we change our relationship to what we feel, we release our own resistance to it and it naturally begins to shift and transform. When you stop resisting change, it stops feeling so bad. Let go of being too hard on yourself and allow yourself to be a change agent with a joyful heart.

3. What is my inner calling and how can I bring it forth? You may receive inner guidance about your next steps but choose not to listen to your inner messages. This guidance often comes in the form of a still small inner voice or an inspired idea that pops in seemingly out of nowhere. This voice can be easily drowned out by the noise of your everyday life and your own inner dialogue. Is there something you’ve been called to do, and are avoiding or deflecting responding to that call?

4. How can I incorporate fun and activity into my daily life? Movement and playful activity raise your inner vibration and thus raise your outer life experience. Change come in your moving your body in varies ways. Try a new way of moving: dancing, tai chi, yoga or swimming. Explore at least one new fun activity every week. Even try those things you don’t think are good at first. You never know what you will find be being willing to change how you decide what to do. Whatever you do, let yourself be free and have fun. What are playful things that you don’t usually make time for anymore? Give yourself time to play, be joyful and unwind as these will bring on a new joy and enthusiasm.

5. Is what I am doing serving the higher good? Are you being honest about the way you feel about what you are doing? Are there things in your life that you’re quietly ignoring? Often, it’s the very things that are in front of you that can cause the biggest distractions. Are you putting off things that are healthy for you, or would allow you to advance in your life and serve the higher good? Are your relationships supporting your inner calling and higher good? This is a good time to notice what you are aware of and then to set a strategy in place to reduce obstacles and challenges. After all, change agents are serving the high good by being in the flow and allowing change to move through them rather than resist.

Change and being a change agent is vital to your personal transformation and happiness. Being stuck in any life area is a symptom that a change is needed to move you out of familiar territory into a more expansive place.

Allow yourself to enjoy new experiences without expectation or judgment. Being a change agent is a wonderful experience. You get to be an alchemist, changing the old base reality into a more beautiful and desirable experience.

Now, go out into your world and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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