5 Simple Self-Care Tips

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. Everyone has an opinion and suggestion. What matters most, I believe, is to listen to your personal needs and follow the self-care that works for you. It is vital that you do some things just for you. If you are not caring for you then it is difficult to care for any one else. Here are 5 simple self-care tips that you can do to get started or you can add these to your current self-care routine.

5 Simple Self-Care Tips


I know this may sound elementary or weird. The fact is that most people do not breathe enough to fully oxygenate their bodies. This yields poor metabolism, thinking and memory problems and some forms of anxiety. Think about it, when there is not enough oxygen getting to the vital organs and cells, the brain begins to send emergency signals trying to get oxygen. Thus, you yawn or you begin to feel chest tightness and you then take a deep breath. When you sigh, that is a sign you are not breathing properly, and the brain and body are trying to self-correct. When you sigh, you are moderating some form of unresolved grief or emotional pain. It is a sign to go within and do some inner work. Take a few deep breaths right now. Feel your body relax.

Stretch and Move Your Body

This is also a simple, yet underused form of self-care. Take time each hour you are awake to move around. Bending and stretching your body is a great self-care tip that can be a game changer. Sedentary lifestyles that are common can cause serious health problems and impact your emotional well-being. Being a couch potato is not healthy and it is a form of not caring for you. If you have a sedentary job, get up once an hour and stretch or move around at your desk or better yet, walk the halls or go outside for 5 minutes of moving. You will find yourself refreshed and more focused on your work. There is great value in moving frequently. Your lymph system that removes waste from your body uses your movement to work. No movement then sluggish lymph system and more toxins in your body. Yuck!


Writing your thoughts, inspirations and feelings is a healthy way to remain calm and focused on your life and goals. There are many ways to journal. I tell my clients to journal in the way that supports them and that they will do regularly. I believe the discipline of keeping a journal is as important as the type of journal. I do believe in having a great pen and a nice journal book, so I will be more inclined to follow through and actually journal. Get writing and see how much better you feel. You will also have clearer thinking and a better life focus. People who do not journal often have a random life and they could use some added focus. Writing in a journal regularly helps ease anxiety and fears. Write your goals, dreams and ideas, this makes them a real part of your life’s happiness.

Stay Hydrated

This seems so simple, yet I get a lot of push-back from my clients. It is healthy t stay hydrated. Think of it this way. The water in your body is like oil in your engine. With no oil or too little oil, the engine grinds and eventually seizes up and stops working. This is true for your body. Your body needs water to metabolize your food and get nutrients delivered to their right places. Water is the basic building block and is required for sustaining life. Soda is not water and caffeine dehydrates your body. Be sure you are drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water every day. Remember, you are hydrating today for tomorrow. There is a ton of research about what type of water to drink and what filter to use if any. My point is that having enough water is life changing. Then you can research and begin to refine your actions once you are drinking enough water consistently.


Being connected to others is vital for a long, happy life. Our entire system responds better when we are connected to others. There are 3 types of connection. The connection to the Universe and the Divine at large. Becoming more grounded in nature and the world around you are powerful for your well-being. Connection to your self is also a game changer. Being aware of your inner experience, emotion and desires, what you like and don’t like are all important aspects of being connected. Thirdly, being connected to others. Even introverts like me need to be connected to others if we are going to thrive and be fulfilled. These three types of connection are vital for your happiness and health.

Take time to connect with multiple peer groups. You are multifaceted. Thinking that one peer group will fulfill your connection is limited. You are best served by multiple peer groups that align with the various facets of your life. Then you can seek the corresponding peer group for any connection you want. To connect with others, join our Facebook group Someone Gets Me. Here you will find great connections.

These 5 simple self-care tips can be game changers. Do not overlook the basics in taking care of yourself. Many of my clients report that they wish they had taken better care of themselves before some problem had occurred. Take the time to practice simple self-care. It is worth your investment and then some! For more information about how to be successful, apply for a free 30 minute conversation.

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