6 Steps to Overcome Blame and Judgment

6 Ways to Overcome Blame and Judgment

Building a solid inner foundation allows your personal authenticity to emerge.

Psychological safety is vital to your life satisfaction and success. This means that those around you feel safe sharing and being part of your journey without the fear of ridicule or harm. It also means that you are psychologically safe in your relationships and environments. You can only evolve to the level of psychological safety you are experiencing at any given moment. If you are a leader, the psychological safety you offer others dictates the highest they can perform. If they are not psychologically safe, then their work and personal development will slow down. This article shares 6 steps to overcome blame and judgment that will help you maintain psychological safety.

Being emotionally reactive destroys the safety others are able to feel when being in your presence. They will then shut down and the downward spiral begins. Mistakes many leaders make is to use fear and threats (passive and aggressive) to motivate. This works against your desired outcome. Any lack of safety freezes the engagement of others, even though they want to please you, the leader. Emotional reactivity also slows your own development as you are spiraling in ways that are not supportive of a more enlightened or noble calling.

To increase and maintain psychological safety around you, be aware. Pay attention to your demeanor and your words. If you are blaming or judging, the people around you will not feel safe and things can begin to deteriorate. As a service leader, you are sensitive to feelings and ideas so being aware and paying attention is vital. When you feel yourself beginning to blame or judge, take these steps to help your get back on track.

6 Steps to Overcome Blame and Judgment:

  1. Recognize your inner dialogue, attitude, words and actions. Realize that blame and judgment come from a fear consciousness which is not serving you in that moment.
  2. Stop for a few minutes and breathe. By focusing inward, your authentic self can have a chance to come forth and help you live and act from a higher, more authentically evolved place.
  3. Change your thinking to focus on spiritually aligned principles. Principles of kindness, compassion, gratitude and harmony.
  4. Do something different – think, speak and act from integrity, truth and love. By changing your thinking, you allow more evolved thinking to come forth and you can then better express yourself without the heaviness of blame or judgment.
  5. Hold deep compassion for yourself. Be forgiving. Your own autobiography can make some actions more challenging than you would like. Still, be kind to you.
  6. Extend compassion toward others while taking the most aligned action. Remember that everyone is dealing with something that you know not of at any given moment.

Remember that safety comes before accountability. You and everyone around you need safety to be willing to risk dropping their self-guard and take authentic action.

To be the person who offers psychological safety is the way to impact your world in productive and meaningful ways. In these times of fear and anger, be the safe person for your employees, colleagues, friends and family. Everyone will benefit.

Above all, practice being loyal to your Soul. – John-Roger

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