I am intuitive mentor for Visionary Leaders who want to embrace their uniqueness and live on purpose.

I have the honor of using my intuition along with decades of personal and business development success to assist each person I work with realize their heart’s desire and life vision.


About Visions Applied

Visions Applied is a media company based in Clearwater, FL that specializes in the production of inspirational podcasts, books, videos, articles, and more!

After years of working with creative visionaries, founding recovery programs, and speaking at inspirational and educational conferences, CEO Dianne A. Allen decided she wanted to help people in a bigger way. She started writing - crafting all of the knowledge and systems she had gained into books about recovery, psychology, empowerment, and personal development.

When not running Visions Applied, Dianne spends her time quilting, writing, and working with leaders to help them bring their vision to life, as she has done for herself. For more on Dianne's Visionary Leadership Mentoring Program visit MsDianneAllen.com

Our Mission

To awaken, educate and inspire you to touch your inner fire and allow that beauty to come into the world.