Acupuncture and Marketing Intersect with Michelle Grasek

acupuncture and marketing

In this episode of Someone Gets MeDianne A. Allen interviews Michelle Grasek who is an acupuncture and marketing strategist who’s been blogging and teaching marketing for five years. After escaping a corporate job, she made it her mission to help acupuncturists grow their businesses using marketing techniques that are genuine and generous.

Topics we discuss include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Project Buena Vista
  • Marketing for Acupuncturists
  • Michelle’s amazing visionary path
  • Women in Leadership


Contact Michelle Grasek:

On social media @michellegrasek

37 Authentic Marketing Ideas for Acupuncturists – 

Free email course – Marketing for Acupuncturists –

And my online courses –

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More about Michelle:

Michelle moved away from my hometown several times only to return and open a practice here… which I never thought I’d do. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I studied abroad in England twice – once in undergrad, when I got my minor in English Literature, and once after acupuncture school, as a graduate student studying acupuncture research. I dropped out of the research program because I missed being in practice!

For three years I was on the board for an international non-profit, Project Buena Vista, which sends volunteer acupuncturists to remote parts of the Peruvian rain forest to treat patients.

When I’m not in clinic or teaching marketing to acupuncturists, you can usually find me outside jogging and soaking up the Upstate NY sunshine. I also love reading murder mysteries, watching British crime drama on Netflix, and cuddling my cat, Tinker.

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