Aligned Success with Amanda Goolsby


Someone Gets Me is for the Visionary Leader that lies inside of you. Hosted by Dianne A. Allen, this podcast was created for those who lie awake feeling alone inside. You are no longer alone. I created this podcast because we’ve all been there – feeling not understood, feeling not seen, feeling like people don’t care. You will hear from the people who have gotten over the chasm and have taken the leap to really create something special.

In this episode, I interview Amanda Goolsby who works with entrepreneurs to help them exceed their goals and productivity using meditation and alternative ways to become more aligned and happily productive.

Topics I discuss include:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Following your intuition
  • Learning to trust yourself
  • Being authentic in business relationships


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More About Amanda:

Amanda is the Founder & CEO of Aligned Success. For over 13 years of her career Amanda was a key player in global expansion within the fitness industry. Most recently from 2012-2017 she helps launch Orangetheory Fitness to be a billion dollar brand by supporting the development of over 50 studios in the US, London and Germany.
As the founder of Aligned Success, Amanda supports entrepreneurs and their leadership teams to tactically and strategically implement a proven business operating system that allows them to grow and scale!
She is passionate about global transformation, women’s rights and women in leadership; She travels to Africa at least once per year to serve in an all girls secondary school.
“I believe that women in leadership is the key to transformation on this planet. We care about the collective. Our hearts are so big and when we are empowered to love fully and serve fully the world will be a better place!”

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