Be True to You – 5 Essentials

Episode 217: Be True to You – 5 Essentials


When we’re gripped with fear, it’s impossible to be true to ourselves and live our authentic best life. In this episode, allow me to give you the five essential ways to help you see what’s going on and empower yourself to be true to YOU. Because if you’re not true to yourself, it’s impossible to be fully present for life and anyone else.  


Key points covered in this episode: 


1: Be good to yourself and others. Being good is setting healthy boundaries, speaking with kindness and having compassion or doing something for someone who needs your help right now. What I mean by this is not the superficial kind. Are you willing to go within and be of service and be good now? The rule is you have to be good to yourself before you’re good to anybody else. 


2: Enjoy the reciprocity of life, the give and take. It’s important to remember you might need help from your friends and they’ll help you, and then there’ll be other times that they’ll need you and you’ll help them. That’s the flow. It’s never meant to be one-sided. 


3: Prepare for pressure. Prepare for the fact that we will have things to deal with, like safety concerns, storms, weird traffic or illness. There will be things that apply pressure to our system, and we want to be prepared for it, and we start by looking within. We want to learn how to say yes and no in healthy ways.  


 4: Know what to say. Unless you’re telling some funny story or you’re teaching a lecture, but if you can’t deliver your message in 25 words, you’re talking too much. Sometimes, there’s a lot of superfluous information and tangents and over-explaining that make you lose your listener.


5: Find and use support. I see people struggling through things, and everybody around is like: “If only we knew we would be there for you.” But the real reason is they just don’t want to take help. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t work. So to be true to yourself, you want to practice giving and receiving support now.




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