Being Intuitive, Intense and Introverted with Dianne A. Allen

Episode 200: Being Intuitive, Intense, and Introverted with Dianne A. Allen


WOW! Finally, the big 2-0-0 comes around! Can you believe it? 🎉🎉🎉  We celebrate the 200th episode as we press on to reach every visionary and gifted person to grow, transform and enjoy the benefits of having a community and a mentor. Finally, you can joyfully say: “someone gets me!”. 


In this special episode, I’m talking about the #1 problem that highly sensitive, intuitive, and introverted individuals face and how to overcome it and live an AMAZING life! 


What You Will Discover: 


✔️ The reason why an intense person often means getting misunderstood.  I’m talking about a level of intensity where perhaps you could compare it to most people watching a black and white little TV while we’re walking around in 3D surround sound cranked up. We feel our emotions very, very, very intensely. 


✔️ From working with hundreds of gifted, highly sensitive, intense, and introverted individuals, confusion is the biggest roadblock that stops them from realizing their fullest potential.


✔️ Why it’s remarkably interesting to be this way, it can also be really tricky to navigate. So it’s not just about research or diagnosis, but by unpacking these experiences in a practical, everyday sense and learning how to harness these gifts and live right. 


✔️ Understand that you know better than anyone else about you, your life, mission, and vision! So when somebody tries to tell you otherwise, even if they love you and care about you, they may be projecting their fears on you. 


✔️ Just take the first step, and the universe comes right in and gives you feedback. Whether it says “keep going” or “make an adjustment.” Either way, you have your feedback. So move and stop at nothing.


✔️ Having the gift of intuition is one thing. Understanding and using it for your good is a whole other conversation.  

Learn the basic skills to manage it, make friends with that part of you, and stand in your authority with it.


✔️ Intensity, introversion, and intuition braided together make a powerful and more amazing life experience. 

The value of these gifts elevates that ability to see differently and discern questions that serve you, me, and the whole world.


✔️ Know who you are and live that because trying to live somebody else’s dream doesn’t work. Understand that it’s ok to be you and unlock how to maximize working with those people different from you. This episode will change how you think about your unique gifts.

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