Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself- 11 Practical Action Steps

Sometimes you may feel alone on the sea of life as if you are just being tossed around by the wind and seas. Sometimes there are unforeseen injuries or illnesses that appear to be setbacks that can deeply challenge your sense of who you are. What had happened to your strength and your ability to act in the world? When you feel weak and must depend on others, it is often difficult when you are used to taking care of everything yourself. It is time to believe in yourself. Once again, to connect to your authentic inner power to believe in you.

Think back for a minute when you were a child. Remember that everything you thought of and dreamed of was possible? You were the king or queen of your Universe and your imagination was amazing. All the possibilities were there for you to choose.

You were asked what you wanted to do when you grew up often. Sometimes the answers were easy and other times you thought about your answer. Still, every possibility was there for the taking.

You learned to work hard, and you could achieve anything. It is vital to dream our dreams at all ages. They help us grow and evolve as people. As you dreamt as a child you were developing a healthy belief in your own abilities and goodness.

As you grow and mature and become wiser, you experience life setbacks and challenges. You begin to realize that you are not all-powerful, and things don’t always go your way. Stuff happens that you can’t change some things. Mistakes are made that are not easily fixed. You may have experienced untimely losses of a loved one. You cannot change the events and yet you still feel some sadness and grief.

Then there are career or school challenges that can cause serious financial challenges or even setbacks. Maybe you are forced into retirement by a career ending injury. If you are not prepared for these type of situations, they can shake your self-confidence. Some people can suffer some lower self-esteem.

Moving over a long distance that changes everything in your day to day, cutting you off from what is familiar can leave you feeling alone and unsure or isolated, even if the move was your choice. You must build a new identity and reputation in your new location This can be exciting and very scary, depending upon your autobiography and expectations.

Self-criticism can come because of making mistakes and hurting others we care about or love. Being selfish and self-centered can cause thoughtless actions. Even with noble motives, these mistakes can happen to anyone and have happened to all people at some point or another. Doubt, guilt and shame can break through and cause you to plummet down a spiral toward self-criticism. It is important to identify your error and to make appropriate changes. Ultimately, self-forgiveness is vital to moving forward.

Betrayal by someone can shake your value system. Your understanding of who to trust can be questioned to the core. Still it is important to believe in yourself.

Life can be very challenging and offer some challenges and interesting twists and turns. Remember to learn from each lesson, both the desirable and undesirable ones. Often what happens is not what you imagined, yet you have the chance to seize even better and more fulfilling experiences than you could previously imagine.

It is time to believe in yourself in the face of unexpected changes and hardship. Believing in yourself and your abilities in uncertain times creates opportunities for you to move forward in more magical and amazing ways than you can imagine. Building a healthy sense of self yields self-confidence and self-worth that can propel you into your next great adventure with gladness. Take the next right action and practical steps with your eyes focused on your dreams and vision.

Practice self-forgiveness. Practice forgiving others. In reality, you are doing your best, even when you are making mistakes. Forgiveness is about having compassion for the grand adventure of being human. It does not mean to condone or forget. It means that we are all just trying to make it through life the best way we are able. Some days we are rock stars and other days we are not measuring up to our standards. Still, you are doing your best within your current emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Self-acceptance and building greater self-confidence leads to greater accomplishments and relational satisfaction.  Always remember that it is in the small things that you keep believing in yourself.

11 Practical Action Steps to Believe in Yourself:

Clear Clutter from Your Sleeping Space

A cluttered space can clutter your mind and disturb your sleep. Give yourself room to breathe and relax. Your sleeping space should feel safe and comfortable. Salt lamps, live plants and pleasant scents are all ways to enhance your space.

Organize Your Work Surroundings

Organize your work area in a way that serves you. All people have different methods of organization. Use the method that works for you. When you feel overwhelmed or cluttered mentally in your work space, it is time for some clearing out. Invest the time and focus. It is worth it in the long run.

Remember “Progress, Not Perfection”

I always tell my clients to focus on 1% improvement per day in any one area. Making daily progress is more important than being perfect. It is easy to undermine believing in yourself when you are being unrealistic or too perfectionistic.

Have a Positive Attitude Regardless of Outer Surroundings

This can be a challenging step in believing in yourself more completely. Your positive attitude is vital to your success and happiness. Practice a positive and uplifted focus no matter what. Look for the positive and you will see more positive.

Spend Time with People Who Support You

You are a human being and human beings are pack animals, so you need personal human connection. Spending time with naysayers can erode your self-confidence. It is perfectly alright to focus on where your support comes from rather than being around those who drag your down, intentionally or unintentionally. Connection to others who support you and your vision and dreams. Be a support to others as well. The energy exchange will greatly enhance your believing in yourself. For additional resources and support click here.

Believe in Yourself

Spend Time in Natural Beauty

Nature in healing. You are part of the beauty that surrounds you. Spend time being part of the greater beauty and life that abounds. Breathe in the power and presence of nature. Smile.

Keep Moving – Exercise Often

Your exercise can come in many forms. Going to the gym, hiking, outdoor sports, home exercise, yoga and the like. Your movement can be varied and change often if you like. With more technology making moving a rarity, you must find ways to move your body for its health and welfare.

Practice Self-Care

Taking great care of yourself means to focus time each day on self-care. Saying loving affirmations and thanking your body as you wash it as well as dressing and presenting yourself with love and respect. Having positive and encouraging self-talk is also self-care. Take time for you. Buy a new outfit or get your hair done. Have a healthy meal. Practice gratitude and self-love regularly.

Nourish Your Body Properly

Your body need the proper fuel to function at it best. Some foods, though convenient, can impede your progress and self-satisfaction. Believing in yourself means that you also listen to your body and you fuel it in the way it deserves. I have heard people make big excuses for not caring for themselves and then wondering why they have foggy thinking or feel fatigued. Stay hydrated. Eating what serves you.

Learn Something New Everyday

To remain mentally alive, learn something new every day. You can use varied methods. Sometimes I learn from another in conversation. Sometimes I learn from reading or listening to a podcast. The point is to focus on learning something new to enhance your life and vision that supports your journey. This keeps your brain plasticity and your mind stays young and active.

Invest in Spiritual Reflection Time

Quite stillness within and reflection time makes all the difference in the world. Meditation and reflection comes in many forms. You can always choose how and when you invest in spiritual reflection. Spirituality means: “to be set free”. This inner quiet time actually expands your awareness and life opportunities. Be open. Be receptive. See where you can go by investing time in spiritual reflection.


It is important to believe in yourself, to be patient and kind. Life can offer challenges and setbacks much like a rollercoaster. You can become stuck or even feel down. To get unstuck, enlist the support of a mentor, guide or professional who is not emotionally invested in your choices, so you can have unconditional support without the loved one’s fears clouding their views and suggestions.

Everyone needs someone who gets them. Do not expect yourself to be perfect. You will make mistakes. Love Yourself and always do your best.

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