You have worked hard and you have done your best. Believe! Now is the time to honor your labor and enjoy your creation with humility. Allow yourself to remain focused and continue to follow your personal passions in life! You possess within you the stamina, courage, tenacity, love, wisdom and compassion that are the vital essence of your beautiful self. It is time to be open-minded and listen carefully to the views and guidance from within as well others. Use your discernment and belief to assist you each day.

Often times, people struggle when pursuing their heart’s desire. Non-attachment is an important ingredient and this means that you are fully engaged while not controlling the outcome. It is possible to be fully committed and work hard yet remain unattached to how the outcome arrives including where and when. The key is to let go of personal agendas and expectations.

This week, believe in yourself and your unique ability to do and create what only you can create. You are the artist of your life experience. As you co-create the world within and around you, you have the freedom to change your mind as you create what serves the highest good.

One Comment on “Believe!”

  1. Ah,Yes,Believe. This is the hardest part for me. It is time to move forward. I’ve reviewed what I did well and not so well. It is hard staying open to….what’s next without putting some ideas out there that are pushing the envelope not patiently waiting! Thanks for the support and wisdom.

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