Be The Person Who Breaks The Cycle

Longing to break the cycle of generational pain and start your healing journey? Here’s how…



My first mentor used to say all the time that “healing work is not for wimps.” Having done a lot of processing and work with myself, it’s so true that deciding to make a change is not for the faint of heart. It’s the strong people who can make tough decisions to seek help. 


Gifted people who are twice-exceptional and those with neurodiversity situations can have it harder. Breaking the pattern can be more difficult because they live life in a 3D surround sound movie theater with all of the bells and whistles loud compared to somebody who’s just watching the same show on a black and white TV. In many ways, they need more support, guidance, love and care, and the challenge of belief systems that aren’t correct. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeBe The Person Who Breaks The Cycle. ▶️


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️To break the cycle takes a lot of courage, guts, faith, and trust. 

From a metaphysical viewpoint, the moment we decide to change and break the old cycles of shame or unresolved trauma that do not serve us, the entire universe comes in to assist us. The process is always messy and even painful. Doing a lot of work on oneself is never an easy task. But in the end, it’s always worth it. Always. 


✔️There is a way to break the cycle. There are almost 75 different modalities, experiences and things to help you by freeing the trapped energy from the generations past and a wide variety to break the patterns that do not serve you.


✔️Release being judgmental of others and yourself. Judgment means assigning a value according to what we believe is valuable. I’m too old to do this. I’m too young to do that. I’m not tall enough. I’m not smart or pretty enough. These are all judgment statements. Until we begin to disengage from judging or rejecting to move into understanding and compassion, will we be able to accept others and ourselves.


✔️Making the decision to break the cycle is the first step. To decide means cutting out all other possibilities as hard as it might feel or as resistant as you might get. Often people say: Help me, help me, help me! But when it comes time to do the work, they push back and even blame those who try to provide help as they deflect, get distracted or don’t show up.  


✔️Familiar pain gets more comfortable. That’s what happens in domestic violence, for people who stay in toxic corporate cultures and those who stick to relationships where they don’t want to be in. 


✔️The whole universe conspires to assist you and brings you to a beautiful solution that’s better than you ever imagined. When you are the one who makes the change, and you are the one who breaks the cycle, you also free everyone in the process: your children, your siblings, your ancestors, your parents, everybody wins.



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