Bring Your Dreams into Reality with Raven Harris

Episode 202: Bring Your Dreams into Reality with Raven Harris

The phrase “You Only Live Once” or YOLOing has been alluded to making impulse-triggered decisions and risky actions, especially in younger people. After living through the devastation of 2020, this aphorism seemingly fueled many of us to rethink our priorities and what brings us joy and meaning. 


One who tells a breakthrough story from the pandemic is Raven Harris. She was an accomplished woman and served as the COO of a critical illness recovery hospital in her 20s. However, after getting the persistent heart tugs, she finally took the jump, resigned from her job and started her consulting agency to help young professionals achieve clarity of purpose and build the life they love. 


Essential points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Often when we face death in the face, we begin to see things in a whole new light. Raven Harris shares that working at a hospital was a gift given to her, “having a front-row seat seeing people cross over so that when it’s my time, I can say I lived full, and I died empty.” 


✔️ Are you a part of the 85% of the millions of people in the world that are unhappy in their jobs? Speaker, strategist and leadership mentor Raven Harris reminds us that it may be cliche, but know that there can be more to life for you than just existing. Find what truly makes your heart sing. “When you are in your zone, locked in your sweet spot, it shows — everyone can feel it, and you can feel it. There’s a different level of satisfaction that people have when they go back to the core that brings you inner joy.”


✔️  Do not discredit the season you’re in now — it may just be the necessary experience you need to be prepared for the next obstacle or the next opportunity that will come in your journey.


✔️ Unless you take action to bring that VISION INTO REALITY, it will keep knocking on your door, showing up when you least expect and keep coming back tugging at your heartstrings until you finally say YES. Why? Because your purpose is for you to do and nobody else. 


✔️ A lot of us have allowed the outside noise to almost kill our dreams. So how do we rediscover it? Your inner guide knows the path that’s right for you but denying it long enough may have numbed you from leaning in well. Achieve the transformation that you want by seeking help from people who can see the greatness in you and can provide you with a level of comfort and peace that it’s ok to go in the direction of your dreams.


About Raven Harris

Raven is the founder and CEO of Activate the Dream, a leadership solutions company. She works with people and organizations to enhance and elevate the personal and professional leadership skills of new and emerging leaders. Through her signature coaching experience, she equips high achievers with the techniques and tools to achieve career and life success. Raven’s goal is to help young professionals attach a reality to their dreams, so they can thrive and not just survive. 


She is also the host of the video podcast, Reset with Raven, where she along with guests share personal stories of how they have successfully navigated resets in their career, life, and business. Raven’s coaching, teaching, and speaking provides listeners with a masterclass of strategies on how to reset in life, career, and business with intentionality, strategy, and specificity. 




Instagram: @ravenmharris

Podcast: Reset with Raven




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