Weird or Just Different?

Quote about being misunderstood from Autum Romano on blog by Dianne A Allen

Have you ever asked yourself why you are different from others? Have you ever been called different, weird, goofy or nerdy? Just because you see things differently than others does not make you crazy, weird, goofy or nerdy and it … Read More

The Not So Obvious Benefits of Disruption

The Not so Obvious Benefits of Disruption

Have you ever been betrayed by someone who called themselves friend? Have you or someone you know received a health diagnosis that changed everything? Have you ever had someone just disappear from your life for no apparent reason? Have you … Read More

Recovery Remastered

Recovery Remastered - Visions Applied

The tragedy of life is what dies in man while he lives. ~ Albert Schweitzer Addiction progressively takes away your vitality for life. As I look around, it is obvious that our society has become an addict. My definition of … Read More

Get Out of the Cheap Seats

Get Our of the Cheap Seats - How to Make Upscale Choices

I was speaking with a client and was reminding her to get out of the cheap seats in life. Truly there are better ways to solve problems than to simply rearrange your words and convince yourself that you are changing … Read More