Nepal Earthquake 2015

I am moved by the earthquakes in Nepal. It was hard to hear about the first one with so much damage and so many lives lost to this natural disaster. The news feed coming in and more devastation being recorded. … Read More

Tampa Bay Hospice Cup 2015

Yesterday I had the honor to sail the Tampa Bay Hospice Cup on Blue Moon. She is a C&C 40 and is a beautiful sailboat. The skipper was Nancy Baird and she owns the boat. We had an all women … Read More

Gone Flying Lately?

I am alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic. I have been reflecting lately on perception and the ways in which people see and experience their world. I have been in the presence recently of people who say they are seeking a … Read More

Gifted Adults in Denial

Gifted adults in denial can be quite distressed. When they live in denial of their giftedness and intensities, they often live a compromised or less fulfilling life. Many get lost in drugs, alcohol, and other substances that numb the intensities. … Read More

Vision Anyone?

Vision Anyone? What is your vision? I have heard many people say “It is going to be a good year”. Some people have lamented that they are glad last is behind them. Life is so curious with its twists and … Read More

Tis the Season

Tis the Season! What does this mean? Are people more generous or kind during this holiday season? I often wonder what changes within folks that generates kindness that they otherwise do not demonstrate yet must have within them all along. … Read More