How to Deal with Mental Turmoil with P. Susan Jackson

  “All Emotions Allow Us to Understand Who We Are.”— P. Susan Jackson (09:29-09:34) There’s a lot of turmoil that happens within our thinking every day. Many people don’t take time for self-reflection and are afraid to dive into negative … Read More

What It Means to Be an Empowered Woman with Melanie Klein

  “Storytelling Can Be A Form of Empowerment.”—Dianne Allen (01:31-01:43) Bumping into someone who seems like a perfect match right away is incredible. Especially if that person’s vision aligns with yours. That’s how it all started with Dianne A Allen … Read More

Feeling Misunderstood or Unworthy with Maisie Hill

  “Choose Carefully Who You Share Your Vision With.”— Maisie Hill (05:26-05:28) Many people feel misunderstood or unworthy even if they look good on the outside. To help dispel these negative feelings, Dianne Allen has invited Maisie Hill from the … Read More

How To Bring Joy Back Into Your Life

“Joy Is Our Natural State.” — Dianne Allen (00:53-00:55) We are made of joy. We’re meant to be joyful all the time.  Most people think that when we’re finally joyful and happy that we are in an altered state, but … Read More