Good Leaders Embody Hope

A Distinguished Leader brings Hope as a dynamic aspect of their leadership arsenal. Hope is a powerful, universal inner experience that is at the heart of all visions, missions and goals of a leader. Hope for the future, Hope for … Read More

It’s All in the Questions

We ask ourselves and others questions all day. What do I want to wear today? What’s for dinner? Should I visit my friend in the hospital? How do I look? How are you? What do I really want to do … Read More

Stay Focused in a Distracting World

I have heard it said that the average attention span when looking at an article is a few seconds. I too find myself looking for the bold text or bullet points in articles. Give me the down and dirty information … Read More

Be Unstoppable-Break the Glass Ceiling

Do you want to be in control of your destiny? Do you have the tenacity and resolve to keep focused in order to achieve powerful results? There are several keys to creating the momentum that will make you unstoppable as … Read More

Communicating with Business Partners

Communication and connecting is essential in all areas of business. Communicating with business partners in an effective and profitable manner takes authenticity and a commitment to the business and the relationship. Most people communicate the way they want to receive … Read More