How to Build Resilience

Episode 254: How To Build Resilience We define “resilience” as the ability to come back to life and bounce back after a hardship or long periods of difficulty. It is the capacity to regain footing after getting massive blows.    … Read More

The Mental Game for Gifted Creatives

Episode 254: The Mental Game For Gifted Creatives I don’t play golf, but there’s a wonderful golf channel that I ardently follow on YouTube! 🏌️⛳ It’s called Let’s Play Thru, hosted by a friend, a gifted multipotentialite Gabe Aluisy.    … Read More

Energetic Alchemy

Energetic Alchemy ✨ Our vibrational energy constantly evolves or devolves, rising in vibration or going lower, but it can never be killed. It just transmutes and changes. This truth should be the lens through which we view our experience in … Read More

How to Fall in Love with Your Art Again

How to Fall in Love with Your Art Again with Paul Jeffrey Thomas     Paul Jeffrey Thomas has been composing songs from a very early age and feels uniquely integrated when inspiration gifts him with music and the chance … Read More

The Unassuming Superpower with Dianne A. Allen

Episode 251: The Unassuming Superpower with Dianne A. Allen   Because we live in an extroverted world where there are shiny objects here and there, we get so hooked as a society on destination addiction. We get to be all … Read More