How to Find Your Gifted Voice

Episode 260: How To Find Your Gifted Voice Guest: Erin Roth Actor, writer and director, Erin Roth shares her methods in teaching artists and non-artists the techniques of master voice and Shakespeare teacher, Patsy Rodenburg. Learn to breathe with the … Read More

Why Psychological Safety is Important in the Workplace 

Episode 259: Why Psychological Safety is Important in the Workplace  Host: Dianne A. Allen  Burnout levels have reached new heights as workers juggle living and working at home. Whether it’s WFH, back to the office, or hybrid arrangements that function … Read More

Daughters Raised By Narcissistic Fathers

Daughters Raised By Narcissistic Fathers  Host: Dianne A. Allen    Little girls raised by self-centered, angry fathers become women with big wounds that are not easy to heal. Narcissistic abuse impacts us in ways that many people want to pretend … Read More

Awaken the Heart of the Gifted

Awaken the Heart of the Gifted with Human Design There could be less pain and suffering for gifted people if they only knew how to make their hearts and minds work together.    Former clinician, professor, and founder of WholeHEART … Read More

How to Build Resilience

Episode 254: How To Build Resilience We define “resilience” as the ability to come back to life and bounce back after a hardship or long periods of difficulty. It is the capacity to regain footing after getting massive blows.    … Read More

The Mental Game for Gifted Creatives

Episode 254: The Mental Game For Gifted Creatives I don’t play golf, but there’s a wonderful golf channel that I ardently follow on YouTube! 🏌️⛳ It’s called Let’s Play Thru, hosted by a friend, a gifted multipotentialite Gabe Aluisy.    … Read More