Celebrate Milestones

Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead. – Nelson Mandela

Yes. I always say to pay attention to your mile markers because there is no finish line. When you remember that being done is an intellectual illusion, you can become free to celebrate more often in life. When you get caught up in the finish line or end results you can become limited and short sighted. We are all trained to go for the goals and finish the game or project.  Life, my friends, is vastly different than a single goal or vision. There is no finish line and so we must drop the limited mentality that holds us back. I like that Nelson Mandela is saying to celebrate your milestones. This adds flair and acknowledgement on a deeper level than just noticing them. When you are celebrating you are rejoicing in your progress and your journey. After all it is who we become on the journey that matters much more than the journey itself.

Milestones and rites of passage are vital to your development as a person. We all celebrated when we walked for the first time without falling after 1 step, right? Certainly, the adults were celebrating. As adults, we celebrate the milestones of our children and others.

What about your personal milestones? Do you still celebrate when you master a new skill or learn something new? Do you celebrate as you grow in your awareness or inner connection? These are all milestones that are worth celebrating.

Here are some ways to celebrate milestones:

  • Document your accomplishment in writing in a journal of someplace you can refer to in the future. Re-read it when you are feeling doubtful at some future time. It will be a great reminder of your progress.
  • Share your vision with a trusted other. Choose some practical, reasonable milestones. As you reach them, celebrate with the trusted other in a special way for you. Celebrations could be a special dinner out, social time with friends, acknowledgment within professional or personal organizations and simply documenting your progress with a smile.
  • Post the milestone accomplishment on social media with a photo or video of your enthusiasm. It will inspire others.
  • Take some time off and relax while you give yourself the time to rest. Taking time away is good to do so you won’t get burned out.

When you celebrate milestones, you will experience even more joy and happiness as you honor your journey. It is not always the destination that matters most.

Try this Application: After your quiet time today, find ways to celebrate your personal milestones that feed your motivation. Now, notice those people important to you. How can you celebrate their milestones, especially the adults who have lost sight of this important practice?

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2 Comments on “Celebrate Milestones”

  1. This gave me a heads up! I acknowledge milestones but don’t usually celebrate them. A hand slap with myself and move on. Will give this some thought. Thanks for my wake up call!!! (Literally)

  2. Such a great lesson. Often times we always want to press on, and chase the next thing. What a great reminder to pause, give thanks and celebrate.

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