Changing Limiting Beliefs

Episode 233: Changing Limiting Beliefs


Our beliefs reflect our attitude towards the world. A majority of beliefs we acquire before we’re two years old — we learn them before we even speak. There should have been no limits, but the many boundaries that restrict us are the ones we impose on ourselves.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeChanging Limiting Beliefs with Dianne A. Allen ▶️


Key points covered in this episode: 


 Step #1: Be aware. We want to be intentional about checking our attitude. Those attitudes can create depression, disconnection, angst. It can even start fights. We usually don’t even understand those beliefs until we somehow run into a challenge. 


Step #2: Inner Honesty. Ask: how does this belief affect me really on the inside? Some of us are really good at pretending like we’re happy, open-minded or OK with a certain thing, but we’re secretly not. Recognize and accept your truths even if others say otherwise. Be willing to have that honest dialog with your inner self.


Step #3: Always reserve the right to change your mind. You are not a machine; you are a beautifully complex being. So why are you holding yourself back from changing your mind? The choices you make might be perfect for you today but may not work very well a year from now or a decade after. Give yourself that permission, make mistakes and free yourself from the inner bondage of human ignorance. 




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