Clarity is Essential

Control is an expression of underlying fear. The more you try to control something, the more it expands because of the energy and attention you are focusing on the fear situation. This is a known experience to all of us  if we would only pay attention. When trying to control a child, they will defy your control yet when you work with the child and manage expectations, they are much happier to please and be helpful and follow guidance. A strong armed, fear based way of living is not working for any of us. Clarity is essential as you learn the methods required to achieve your vision and be happy doing your life’s mission.

The hate and discord that is thrown around creates even more hate and discord. What ever happened to the idea of caring for and loving others with clear firm boundaries of unacceptable and acceptable behaviors and words? When did rampant dishonesty and lack of integrity and morals become the best fashion statement? I have seen these issues separate families and friends. This means that the fear is trying to kill the Love in the world. Some days, I think it may be winning. On other days, I feel the Loving presence emerging through me and this connects with others.

Where has critical thinking gone? To critically think means to hear what is being said or read the words and then discern for yourself the validity and truth of the content including investigation. I have watched intelligent, well meaning people blindly follow or believe content that is known to be inaccurate by them just to endorse or support an agenda. I have watched many of our young people miss the lessons of critical thinking by being taught to always look outside of themselves for the answer. When I work with people and we work on critical thinking, many don’t even know what I am talking about initially. I am often meant with a puzzled look because they think I am advocating to criticize. I usually must define the idea because it is so far outside of understanding these days. I am grateful for my early lessons on thinking and sad for those caught in deception that they have no skill or voice at the same time.

My work has been working in mental health, addiction, personal development and leadership for over 30 years. I have watched our society decline as a result of fear which causes terror and irrational acts for far too long. Everyday I awaken with a new hope that something I can think, do or say will offer light unto the darkness. Emerging through me is a font of light and hope. Yes, I have suffered as a result at the judgment and fear/control tactics of others. I have even made many mistakes while trying to do the right thing. I have almost given up. Today, however, I am stronger and carry more resolve than ever to say yes to standing for Health, Truth and Love.

Too many are brainwashed and being controlled and many do not even know it. As a thought leader who’s mission is to help wake up myself and others, I see the trance many people are experiencing. Many would argue that they are not in a trance yet their words and actions indicate a blind following without discernment or clear focus on the highest good. I even know people who can speak the language of Love not Fear and then in their next breath talk about controlling something – Fear crept in. Many people can verbalize well meaning ideas and motives yet their actions reflect fear and this dissonance seems to be in their blind spot. These incongruities must be brought to the light for transformation without judgment or other assessment. The time is now to be free of the old bondage.

I say that we must change our paradigm and live by higher principles. Denial is rampant. Others who’s mission is to control will fight and resist. Still I must hold the light. To fight something is not the solution. One clear paradigm shift that is necessary to change at once is to “fight drug abuse” or to “fight cancer” or “gun control”.  The energetics of our planet are such that whatever you focus on you get more of in accordance with your focus. As we focus on fighting, drug addiction, guns, cancer; we get more of these things. This is simple energetics yet fear keeps us stuck and thereby controlled.

To heal the issue, we must focus our attention on healing not fighting or disease! Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. We are even taught this in business leadership training yet we do not apply it to other areas of life. Instead, we follow along without using our inherent talents and then we wonder why things are more in our face and out of control. Well, the collective has been giving so much power to disease and guns that we are seeing more of them.

Our society and communities are reflecting back to us the primal and instilled fear that some are acting out. What if we took the time to heal our own fears and separation? It is past time to begin to care for humans and other beings more than we care about things and stuff.

What if we focused on Peace, Love and Connection? What if we started with self love and respect and acting in accordance with our desires rather than our fears, what then, I ask? This is not weakness like some may think. It is actually a place of power. There is a paradox and when we understand the rules, we thrive.  There is a way out of the fog and into a clearer focus.

5 keys to clearer focus employing newer paradigms:

  • We get more of what we are thinking about, even the unconscious thoughts, pay attention!
  • Love draws together, Fear divides, you get to choose one or the other at every moment.
  • We are always affecting everyone else even when we can’t see it
  • Distraction is used to control the masses, you must really pay attention to how you feel (not think) about things
  • The tighter the grip the less you have.
  • Air is your Friend, you must learn to breathe fully and allow your life force to support you. Full breaths = Alive feelings= Enhanced discernment= Better opportunities for Peace and Joy

At this juncture, I am confident that your emotions are moving as mine are by writing. The time is now and you are the one to start to chip away at the old outdated ways which brings the light of a new day.

The question now is what to do and not do. Take these steps:

Step 1: Develop and enhance your awareness. With awareness, your head is not in the sand, you are simply choosing a more productive focus.

Step 2: Be open and willing to make small changes that yield massive results.

Step 3: Practice these changes over time. It is consistency that makes the difference.

Step 4: Take action toward solutions rather than away from problems.

Not all of these are easy. There are many levels to these steps and your growth and awareness is ever evolving and expanding. The key is that you invite and allow the expansion. This is why I teach about these ideas .

Fear can’t stop a revolution of love. We need a critical mass of enlightened thinkers & we’re getting there. Meditate, activate, co-create.  – Marianne Williamson

2 Comments on “Clarity is Essential”

  1. I have come to realize the lies I have told myself are not true and I am worthy of LOVE.
    ANGER and Fear are greatly diminished because I have finally grown to LOVE myself first and THEN I am able to show love for everything and everyone.
    I still struggle with anger but I am open minded and TEACHABLE!!!

  2. 5 keys to clearer focus employing newer paradigms………THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING!!! I really needed to read this. I actually had a chance to practice some this evening. I got REALLY upset about a situation…Vented a little but processed it in my mind. I must say I did the right thing because otherwise I would have EXPLODED on the person, or pointed fingers to deflect it off me.
    Reading this confirmed what I have been learning and saw myself calm down soooo much quicker and a PEACE came over me.
    Nicely written!

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