Connecting with Your Authentic Nature

Episode 215: Connecting with Your Authentic Nature

With Eric Windhorst

Gifted adults who possess greater sensitivity, awareness and potential are predisposed to dealing with an emotional crisis. When they go through trauma or disruption in their lives — they tend to shut down. How do they manage and facilitate the healing they seek?


In this powerful episode, Eric Windhorst, a counselor and coach specializing in Ecopsychology, Ecotherapy, and Therapeutic Landscapes, shares what it takes to find cues and clues from nature and achieve the happiness they deserve.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeConnecting with Your Authentic Nature with Eric Windhorst. ▶️


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️ All of us are vital pieces of the greater whole. Eric shares drastic consequences for the rest of the world when even one person is disconnected from their natural sense. 


✔️ Honor the seasons of your life. There are times we can be dormant and internal. And there are times to be more active and expressive. Even if we’re intense and accomplish a lot, there’s a need to breathe, think and surrender that there’s a natural rhythm to the entire system. 


✔️ Everything happens precisely when it’s meant to happen. With nature, Everything is on time. We have to learn to be patient with processes and ourselves; when gifted people understand this concept, it can be powerful and freeing. 


✔️ To heal the planet & to heal ourselves; we need a different level of awareness. “We can do that by just tuning into fundamental consciousness, tuning into what’s present around us, which is nature. It’s all around us. Our inner nature and outer nature they’re not really separate but one.”


✔️ Your own personal work is part of collective healing.  Eric emphasizes the integration of inner nature and outer nature and that a person who gets to experience that connection is shifting the entire thing already. “My firm belief is when you get plugged in when you plug into your inner self, and you plug into the wider kind of system, you’re literally allowing more energy to flow for everybody else.”


Eric Windhorst, PhD, RP, is a counselor/coach/psychotherapist, educator, writer, and (re)searcher passionate about connecting people with nature—both inner nature (their true, authentic self) and outer nature (the wider natural world)—to facilitate healing and growth. Eric approaches his work holistically, informed by ecopsychological, family systems, humanistic, Jungian, and transpersonal ideas. He specializes in serving individuals who identify as creative, gifted, and highly sensitive. You can learn more about Eric and his work @


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