Create Great Experience and Meaningful Value with Dr. Diem Mooney

“You have to be open, willing, and teachable for you to be successful.” 

— Dianne A. Allen 

Life gives us many opportunities to enhance our wisdom despite the limitations around us. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Diem Mooney, not the typical psychologist. He’s going to help us understand the whole idea of diversity and the value that people bring to the table.


Part One of ‘Create Great Experience and Meaningful Value with Dr. Diem Mooney’


Dr. Diem, born and raised in Alabama, I/O Psychologist with specializations in human-computer interaction, research & development, organizational service design, and talent management.


Dr. Diem served as a senior-level transformational leader for the past eight years, acting as Chief Operations Officer, Chief People Officer, and Chief Experience Officer. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has started and led several successful businesses from $0 to $1M. His leadership focus has always been on talent development. He utilizes his expertise in the field to facilitate growth among employees.


He has experience working in e-commerce, government, healthcare, and technology, a hybrid OD and UX strategist that is comfortable employing sound methodologies to maximize user experience, system design, product management, employer branding, and workforce development.


“Plan a goal for yourself, plan accordingly, and don’t strain yourself.” – Dr. Diem Mooney


He was diagnosed with autism at the age of five and was non-verbal for a very long time. It’s like learning issues and social interactions. It made his upbringing very interesting, considering that he had many challenges with social intelligence, communication, and social interactions. Ultimately, he ended up skipping several grades and graduating high school early. 


Fast forward, he joined the military and ended up traveling all over the world. When he got to the point of realizing that he didn’t fit into the military world anymore, he decided to pursue his PhD. In today’s world, we can call him an individual with neurodiversity, which is an asset because it makes him brilliant at what he does. But what people don’t see behind the scenes is that his limitations hit him in his everyday life, where he constantly needs to adjust or figure out how to make things work without blowing up. 


Part Two of ‘Create Great Experience and Meaningful Value with Dr. Diem Mooney’


His company is expanding at all times with new ideas, processes, and concepts. The way he hires someone shows that you can’t judge someone based on their disabilities, experiences, skin color, economic status, religion, and upbringing. It’s not an accurate measure of anything. It doesn’t measure their character or performance. Never let anyone tell you that you’re not going to succeed because no one can predict it for you. 


“You can go well beyond anything that people expect of you.” – Dr. Diem Mooney


It doesn’t matter what they look like, what they believe in, what limitations they have. Diversity is more about perceiving someone for who they are. For example, take all the consideration, see how you can help them develop, know how that person benefits your values, what good values they bring to your life, or what they’re willing to learn. His intention is not to hold on tightly to everyone and stifle their growth because the world’s always expanding. 


Take a moment to pause and reflect. Evaluate where you are right now and where you want to be. Take a gap analysis to seek the necessary steps to be where you desire to be. You are free to outgrow the box that people put you in, but don’t let your limitations stop you from growing. Let’s evaluate situations or people holistically and think about what actually truly matters versus what doesn’t. Let us not define someone’s skin color as a determinant of anything. Let us not perceive someone’s belief as a measure of their character or performance. 


Be your biggest motivator, and don’t ever let someone else tell you, “This is where you’re going to stop in life, this is what you’re capable of, and this is what you’re not capable of.” Continue to grow and develop yourself. Go out there, show what you got, and continue to develop yourself. Together, let’s make a phenomenal impact around us.


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