Creating A Lasting Personal Legacy 

Episode 195: Creating A Lasting Personal Legacy


Are you thinking seven generations from now? Are you thinking in the long term, which isn’t just the five years and ten years from now? Whether you believe it or not, spiritually or scientifically, everything we do affects everything. The energy we put into the world, our emotions, everything affects the world.


 How do you look at your legacy? It’s time to be intentional, to keep moving forward, to keep doing the things that serve the greater good, and to instill hope in ourselves and others because of our actions. 


In this episode of Someone Gets Me, Dianne A. Allen shares the five steps to start living with intention and creating your lasting personal legacy. 


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Start every day by completing something important as early in the morning as you possibly can. Taking a shower or fixing your bed in the mornings are little tasks that help big in pushing away analysis-paralysis, procrastination, overwhelm and fear. Wake up seven days a week, and that’s the first thing you do. Because when you do that and already have something completed for the day, it’s impossible to have a failed day.


✔️ Respect all sentient beings. Whether it’s that little chipmunk or the big tree in your backyard, the neighbor’s cat, or humans you disagree with — send them good energies and lots of love. 


✔️ Find people to go through life with. Who do you respect? Who do you admire? Who mentors you? Who are you mentoring? Demonstrate respect for others by having other people going through life biologically and neurologically. 


✔️Take risks and step out of your comfort zone, especially when it’s tough. When things are hard like this pandemic and things are happening, keep going and step out of your comfort zone. Meet someone new, do something for another person, take a risk that gets you toward where you say you want to go.


✔️ Stand up to the bullies, the sharks, and the piggybackers and use your voice to benefit those whose voices have been silenced. Look for places and people to serve and stand for without expecting anything in return. Because when you have bullies around, or you have people taking advantage, it creates a lot of discord. Do your part to lessen those that inflict pain physically or emotionally on other people.


✔️ Understand that life isn’t always fair, and we’re all going to fail at stuff and mess up. Having a beginner’s mind is good, and I think that it’s worth starting ugly. It’s OK. Do it, go after it, and do your very best. 


✔️ When you second guess and put self-doubt in there, you are separating yourself from your legacy. You’re getting in your way. When you have momentum, take action, you may mess something up, but you can rebuild with new understanding, new happiness, and a new focus. 




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