Daughters Raised By Narcissistic Fathers

Daughters Raised By Narcissistic Fathers 

Host: Dianne A. Allen 


Little girls raised by self-centered, angry fathers become women with big wounds that are not easy to heal. Narcissistic abuse impacts us in ways that many people want to pretend are not as real as it is. 


This episode has a lot of emotion that I am disclosing to my audience. Like me, did you go through life carrying the trauma of a narcissist for a father?


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️ Daughters of narcissistic dads are deeply wounded. Reflecting on my journey to get where I am, I’ve had severe depression and unrelenting emotional trauma. The damage that happened to me is continually happening to girls developing wounds deep to the DNA. 


✔️ Validate your own experience and emotions. I have many memories of sitting across the table from my dad, him being happy and talking — suddenly throwing venomous attacks at me —telling me how wrong or bad I was. It went on until I got to junior high school, when I totally shut down from everyone. As a daughter, my life has been affected forever. 


Until I decided I no longer wanted to be held an emotional hostage. That I will stop focusing on being the victim. That I will choose the path of higher understanding. Only then have I sought freedom.


✔️ Pursue your healing. We won’t stay as damaged little girls when we heal with our tears, work, and willingness to evolve through it all. Like a shining Phoenix rising out of the fire, we come out golden, radiant, and amazing humans who can consciously choose to take what was meant for harm for GOOD. We must be willing to do the work because nobody else can do it for us.


✔️ From victim to victor. Being a SURVIVOR means: “I’m a victim, and I choose a higher understanding that for every painful and great loss in my life, there’s a benefit that can come out of it if I’m open to seeing it.”


I invite you to be honest: If you’ve been wounded, stop wearing it on your chest as a badge of honor. Being a victim is not your identity. Become a survivor.


✔️ For the last 40+ years, I’ve been freeing myself from the trance and bondage of all the narcissism I was raised in. So many women in the world are still in an emotional prison built by the dysfunction of the adults raising them — they forget that what matters most is their decision to work on themselves. Endless couch and coaching sessions will not work if you don’t actually take action to resolve them. I’ve done 50+ modalities (and more) to clear my energy and heal my mind from believing I am unworthy.



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