Empath Distress Disorder


Someone Gets Me is for the Visionary Leader that lies inside of you. Hosted by Dianne A. Allen, this podcast was created for those who lie awake feeling alone inside. You are no longer alone. I created this podcast because we’ve all been there – feeling not understood, feeling not seen, feeling like people don’t care. You will hear from the people who have gotten over the chasm and have taken the leap to really create something special.

In this episode, I share some of my thoughts about empaths and their common struggles with balancing their energy. Empath Distress Disorder is what I call the constellation of challenges empaths could be experiencing if they are not caring for their own energy.


Topics I discuss include:

  • Empaths and the impact of energy of their selves
  • Empath Distress Disorder – The challenges for empaths
  • Actions to relieve and avoid Empath Distress Disorder


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