Energetic Alchemy

Energetic Alchemy

✨ Our vibrational energy constantly evolves or devolves, rising in vibration or going lower, but it can never be killed. It just transmutes and changes. This truth should be the lens through which we view our experience in the world, requiring us to be conscious of how we manage our energy and how we send it off to others.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeEnergetic Alchemy ▶️


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️Your presence makes a difference. When you walk into a room – whether it’s a party, a boardroom, or an online conference – you manipulate the room. “Manipulate” means that you handle or change things. So when you show up, you bring with you the energy, presence, and overall experience that shifts the darkness to the light for everyone. 


✔️We all are energy alchemists as we dance through the world. But doing it with intention is what matters. Becoming an energy alchemist on purpose is taking a base emotion like fear, grief, shame, or sadness and transmuting it into something more beautiful like hope, joy, love, and kindness. We have the focus and will to help others, to serve the world by uplifting the energy and bringing forth higher power.


✔️ 20% of our communication is the words. All the rest of it is the feeling, the vibe, and the energy. Recall the last conversation you had: were you able to tell the other person’s vibe by their tone or the cadence of their speech? Surely you will know much more about what was going on with them than simply the words they said. 


✔️Whether you are being cranky, disinterested, or uplifting you bring others into that kind of experience. It’s important to realize that it is not wrong to show these emotions and send off these kinds of energy. The better question, however, is it serving others and serving you? 



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