Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Whatever you are thinking about and focusing on in your thoughts or words is where your energy is flowing and thus, reinforcing the thought or idea. I teach this every day and help people see that where their energy flows where attention goes. As you think about where you want your energy to flow, you can be more aligned with your attention.

Race car drivers are taught to focus ahead of the car and not to look at the wall around the track because they will drive into the wall if they are looking at it.

If you are thinking about and saying what you don’t want, then you will get more of that thing because you are focusing there.

Recently, I was reminded of this in my own life. I was feeling frustrated and it seemed like no one was hearing me. I became more frustrated and reached out to a person in my inner circle. He is a kind, compassionate and straightforward man. I appreciate his direct way as I am also direct. As he listened, he said: “Now, what do you want?” I had been talking and talking about what I did not want – thus breaking my own understanding.

When he said it… I had an ah ha moment and realized that in my frustration, I was not focusing my attention where I wanted my energy to go. Thus, my effects and outcomes did not match what I was striving toward rather, where my attention went was where my energy was going. I was not getting the results I desired because of this simple concept. Once I was reminded and freed myself of the misdirected attention, my energy and outcomes changed. It is important to have strong and like-minded inner circle people to support you.

Energy Flows Where Attention GoesWe all need people in our lives who remind us of who we are and can help reorient us to our Truth when we are off track. Having a solid inner circle makes all the difference. I am that support person for many people as well. We are all supporting and encouraging each other.

Tim Ferris said:  Focus on being productive instead of busy. Again, where your attention goes your energy flows. This is the way our energy moves. It applies to all life areas.


Busyness can make you weary. Productivity has the power to enliven you.

You have heard the phrase to work smarter not harder. I have a client who interpreted this phrase as an excuse for overthinking and busy work and thus worked herself to the point of exhaustion. She did not want to be seen as lazy, so she kept busy. Her challenge was that she lacked clear focus in her busyness, so she just wore herself down. This stops all productivity. She woke up one day, completely exhausted and realized she had not fulfilled her goals or dreams and was distracted from them with her busyness.

Productive people live through this lesson and get smarter over time. Focus is the main difference. She could not share a clear focus with me initially. After some work, she could verbalize a clear focus that she generated from within. Her productivity expanded, and she was less tired. In fact, she was often on fire with inspiration now that she was aligned.

What do you want to get done? Are you using busyness to distract you knowingly or unknowingly? What results are you really looking for in your work and life? Are you allowing old events and emotions to dictate today’s experience? It is time to be free! Need assistance, click here.

By focusing your attention where you want your energy to flow, you are more successful, satisfied and at ease.

Make sure you have a strong inner circle of support to support you staying on track Remember, energy flows where attention goes.

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