Conscious Business is Good Business with Anna Choi

Episode 194: Conscious Business is Good Business with Anna Choi

Now more than ever, the pandemic made us recognize the importance of creating, if not supporting, the conscious business movement. The awareness is increasing to adjust our lifestyles to accommodate social and environmental practices that will have a ripple effect on the next generation of our people and planet.  


In this episode of Someone Gets Me, Dianne A. Allen sits in and engages in an insightful conversation with Anna Choi, a conscious business coach, and an all-around amazing woman. 


Key points covered in “Concious Business is Good Business”: 


  • Follow Anna Choi’s story of transformation from an ignorant suburbanite into helping empower high achieving, six-figure conscious entrepreneurs to master their energy while growing their business with balance–not burnout.


  • Observe how this health crisis created a significant shift in global consciousness. A greater need arises to find a new way of operating in the world, with people transitioning to pursue a life going inwards and no longer about just the hustle and grind. 


  • Looking to the future as we see faster and more disruptive technological developments, it is necessary to find ways to slow down, stay grounded, and stay conscious.


  • Being a good consumer allows you to pay attention to what aligns with your inner integrity. Support companies that align with your values and vote with your dollar on people and products that create conscious choices


  • Learn why you should release from the old paradigm to keep learning things the hard way — you can have greatness, goodness, and consciousness without so much difficulty. 


  • Grow your consciousness on a micro-level by learning Anna’s morning and bedtime rituals and personal time practices she calls “dates with the soul” as a daily default to get high vibes before responding to challenges of the day. 


  • Learn these exercises to master your energy and reach an optimum state of performance. You can improve your body’s natural circulation where your kidneys can cool off your brain (allows you to have a cool head), and then you could feel your belly getting warm.


  • Understand the concept of valuing your fear rather than something to avoid, fix or fight. 


  • Lean in and be reminded of the whole process of being very conscious of what goes into your body and how this impacts who you get to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


  • Access Anna’s tips on balancing being a homeschooling mom and running a creative conscious business, and growing and evolving yourself.


About Anna Choi

Anna Choi is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Business Coaching. She is a TEDx Speaker and Forbes Author serving high achieving, online conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants fluctuating between $4K/month to $20K/month to attract more clients, stay energized, and focus their marketing strategy–while preventing burnout and emotional exhaustion.


Youtube Channel: EnergyTV (AnnaSunChoi)

Facebook Business Page: @annasunchoillc


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