Figment of my Imagination

Episode 223: Figment of my Imagination with Dianne A. Allen


It was back in the 80s when we went to see Figment. I was really depressed, but nobody knew it for a gifted and twice-exceptional child. I was very good at playing and looking like I was doing great all the time. I was successful in school, making excellent grades and racing sailboats. I was friendly and did all kinds of things. But secretly inside, I didn’t think I should be alive anymore. 


 Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeFigment of my Imagination with Dianne A. Allen ▶️


✔️ It was Figment, his song, and his ride that ultimately changed the trajectory of my life. A famous Disney character not many of todays’ generation have heard of leaves his music from Journey Into Imagination called “One Little Spark” that lends so much hope and inspiration. 


…”One spark of light,

Can light your fancy.

Your mind sees more,

Then what your eyes see.

Your sense of sight can make your fancy fly,

There’s more to sight than meets the eye.”


✔️ One little spark from a little purple dragon gave me hope to live. 

I bring Figment with me everywhere I go. He reminds me that life is worth living and that there is always more. Being gifted with many overexcitabilities and being intuitive and an empath can be a messy and tricky road. I didn’t even have any of those words to describe my life back then; I’m grateful for Figment and the ones who wrote that catchy song that changed my life.


✔️ In my work of leading other people toward their vision, it brings tears to my eyes to think how I was able to get here—the power of that one little spark in my childhood that changed everything. 


Remember that the figment in your imagination is beautiful and amazing, and it can save you and anyone from angst, depression or anxiety. I am forever grateful to whoever wrote that song, for the purple dragon Figment and to my God and creator for bringing that answered prayer that I didn’t even know I had because I’m alive today and working as a beneficial presence on the planet!



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