Find Joy And A Real Inner Reality with Matt Zinman

“Our most natural state is joy.” — Dianne A. Allen (12:08-12:09)

If you’re seeking personal growth, ways to improve relationships, currently in transition, stuck in a crisis or you just want a good read, this episode is a perfect match for you. In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about finding joy and a real inner vitality with Matt Zinman.

Part One of ‘Find Joy and a Real Inner Vitality with Matt Zinman

Matt Zinman grew up around Philadelphia and started playing ice hockey when he was six or seven. He’s known as a wellness advocate and difference-maker. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communication and Public Relations at Temple University. Around 2002, he started rising through the ranks into management but eventually launched his own company. Back then, he was contemplating what’s going to align with his passion, experience, skills, and market needs. From there, he shifted over into nonprofit work and internships.

“Showing up your creative self keeps the fountain of joy flowing.” – Dianne A. Allen (20:15-20:29)

Being a difference-maker has always been his driving force, which currently is to impact as many people as possible with his book positively – Z-isms: Insights to Live By. Overall, Z-isms offer ways to better ourselves, our experiences, and our encounters through self-discovery, purposeful relationships and heightened mindfulness, including actionable tools and practices.


1: Earned Confidence (outsmarting worry, anxiety, and stress)
2: Be Aware of Spiders (combating manipulators)
3: A Dose of Prevention (solutions to ease daily living)
4: Perception Is (seeing things as they are)
5: Minding the Mood Scale (mental health insights)
6: Managing Energy (the invisible force within and among us)
7: Being a Life Athlete (optimal self-care)
8: The Elements in Motion (sizing up people and circumstances)
9: Swim with the Current (going with the flow)
10: Making Coincidences Matter (identifying opportunities)
11: Catching 11:11 (having fun)
12: Amplifying Gratitude (applying the Law of Attraction)
13: Inevitability (discovering and achieving one’s “why”)
14: Winning the Battle Within
15: Walking the Talk (personalizing a Life Enrichment Action Plan)

Part Two of ‘Find Joy and a Real Inner Vitality with Matt Zinman’
In addition to the book is his role as founder and CEO of The Internship Institute, a nonprofit established to bridge the gaps between education, active duty, and employment by “Making Experience Matter.” The organization focuses on helping employers to set up or improve internship and mentoring programs.

“It’s a dark world. Be the light.” – Dianne A. Allen (39:14-39:17)

There’s no substitute for experience. Every single person in this world has pearls of wisdom and life experiences meant to be shared so others can learn from them. The universe is always expanding and we’re all in this process of learning and growing.

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