Freedom From Silent Pain

Freedom From Silent Pain

Henry David Thoreau talks about a quiet desperation. Are you experiencing silent pain right now? For bright and gifted people, experiencing quiet desperation is a real issue, especially if others do not understand or are judgmental. This article offers ways to obtain freedom from silent pain. Unless someone is psychologically safe, real authenticity is elusive at best. Many people I work with come to me saying they are depressed or having a meltdown. As they share, I can sense and hear the silent misery they are often feeling. Feeling and being misunderstood for years takes a significant toll on a person’s psyche.

One of the first steps to have freedom from silent pain is to acknowledge that it exists.

Sometimes a gifted person isn’t even aware of this phenomenon, thinking this is just how life is. Well, inner secret pain and misery is not how you are meant to live your life. As I educate and support my clients, I often see their face soften and their sleeping improve. One of my professional women shared that she hasn’t slept well in years, yet knowing she now has a safe place to be her bright, witty and spunky self, everything is changing for her life.

Many gifted people are on a lifelong quest to understand themselves. You may spend a lot of time and energy seeking and searching. This is great. I want to remind you that the searching and seeking must also include inner seeking and awareness. After all, we live in a culture that says all the answers are outside of us, yet truly the outside answers are only pointing to the real answers that lie within us.

If you are a gifted person who is suffering in silent misery and you have a sense of desperation within, know that there is support and direction.

Feeling misunderstood or somehow less than within while having a mask on only begets increased pain and suffering. Yes, you may be able to hide it and others will be fooled by your mask, and you do not have to live like this. Look around and see the numerous amazing, talented, bright and gifted people who are being taken by drugs, alcohol, suicide, depression and criminal activity. All of this beautiful talent keeps trying to express as that is what we are here to do, express our beauty and light. By numbing or playing small, the pain increases and becomes so exquisite that extreme consequences ensue.

Mentor Dianne A. AllenThe silent misery dissipates and leaves the more authentic you become.

Yes, all your feelings are valid. How will you handle your frustration or excitement? To be free of silent misery, allow the real you to come into contact with others who are gifted. You will be safe and understood. Free yourself form the bondage imposed upon you before you could defend yourself. This is your day, your life, what will you do?

I invite you, gifted person, to stand tall in who you are, every intensity, every nuance, every bright idea. You have value and worth beyond measure. It is time for all of us who are gifted in our diverse ways to come together and stand as a solid community to support our children, to support our elders and to support ourselves in bring forth what is ours to do for our world. Herein lies your freedom from silent pain.

I have the distinct privilege to work with those over achievers who are seeking satisfaction and happiness on all levels of their life. It is possible to be successful and happy.

Mentoring with another professional can help ease the silent pain without the lingering diagnosis of some traditional therapies. To see if you could benefit from mentoring with a skilled professional, click here.

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