Freedom to Create – Creativity is Essential for Evolution

EP 205: Freedom to Create – Creativity is Essential for Evolution with Dianne A. Allen


When I was in third grade, I designed an art project differently from what my teacher wanted. She told me that I am not creative. I believed her because she was an authority figure. Many years down the road, I lived buying into that lie and missed out on many things. Until one day, my client, a musician, said, “whoa, hold on a second here. You’re really creative!” and pointed out what he could see. Then I remembered that remark from my teacher, realizing that it did not do me any good and how it stunted me on one level for a long time. 


Is there someone similar in your life who bogged you down? This episode will remind you why creativity is innate in all of us and how it is a human drive necessary for our personal evolution. While we are still breathing air, all of us are here on this planet to CREATE. 


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️ Whether it’s conceiving music, art, or children and turning thoughts and words into action — every single day is all part of our innate yearning and ability to make and produce. If we give ourselves more freedom, we could create much better solutions for the challenges of this world. 


✔️ Go into the deep and inner places inside of you and bring your creativity forward — take courage to pursue your gifts and allow what’s within to emerge as a beautiful fountain of light and greatness that will benefit the world. 


✔️ Creative people need to pay attention to burnout, overwhelm, and inner turmoil. These are what I call the “staticky things.” 

Make it a priority to set time for creative rest and downtime, so you have a way to nurture and fill up your inner resources, and you’re giving from your overflow.


✔️  Release yourself from the addiction to the outcome and permit yourself to flow toward the grander vision because as we grow, we invite everyone around us to grow, too. 


✔️ How often do you take action to pursue expansion physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually? The rewards are like no other when you commit to your personal development.


✔️ Say YES to healing the wounds so that you can experience freedom. 

 When you accept all aspects of yourself and choose to heal the wounds — you will experience freedom and move forward into your expanded evolution and be the beneficial presence on this planet that you are meant to be. 




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