From Stagnation to Progress

“Everyone has a message the whole world needs to hear.” — Dianne A. Allen (01:08-01:13)

Every single one of us has an inner genius. People often think that the word genius is only meant for brilliant people, but it expands beyond that. Your inner genius is your soul and what your heart wants to bring forward. Every single one of us has a valuable message that we’re meant to bring to the world like a gift. The cool thing is all of us have different gifts. All of us have something different to do. So, what is your inner genius? Do you know?

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about:

The five phases to leap from stagnation to progress

Part One of ‘From Stagnation to Progress’

You might be a little stuck, or maybe you’re feeling stagnant during this quarantine period. We can get stuck in fear, uncertainty, stress, and negativity. This is a time to reflect on how you can begin to make progress toward your goals and toward your heart’s desire. How can you be a beneficial presence in the universe? How can you keep moving forward in a way that works? Whatever that looks like. And for each one of us, that’s going to look a little different. Your inner genius knows what you’re here on earth for. Sometimes it has to do with what you do for a living or a creative pursuit that you enjoy.

Be clear on what your inner genius is and how you express that. If you look at your whole life, there was a fuel deeper than what it looked like on the outside. And because things change, the way we express our genius changes over our lifetime.

Sometimes we have to steer a little bit away from where we want to go. Sometimes we have to change the way we use our strategy so that we can get where we want to go efficiently. Things change. Things move around. Life goes in cycles, seasons, spirals, and all kinds of things happen. So, therefore, when we’re going through these phases or steps, or whatever we want to call them, understand that there is a cycle to things. Sometimes it might appear like you’re heading away from where you want to go to get enough momentum.

“Allow yourself to expand beyond the limited box of your thinking.” – Dianne A. Allen (16:10-16:15)

Number one is to check out your moments of sudden insight or discovery.

When did the light bulb go off that you even want to make progress in a direction? Or how did you figure out that you’re stuck or stagnant? Because if you think you’re stuck or stagnant, you probably are on some level. Figure out what’s the message behind it? Because exploring things and educating ourselves about what is happening in these moments helps us start to see where the momentum can be to help us make our progress.

Number two, focus on where you’re headed.

You know how athletes are when they’re in the zone. Especially if you watch runners or tennis players who are super focused. They’re in the zone, and nothing will stop them from heading to where they’re going. If you don’t have focus, it’s hard to get where you’re going. If you’re struggling with focus, you might want to pay attention to the goal, because if you keep working toward a goal and you’re not getting there, then it’s time for you to refine the goal a little bit.

Part Two of ‘From Stagnation to Progress’

Number three is to incubate or allow yourself to overflow with ideas.

Just like how food flavors have to marry, that’s where marinating and coming together. It takes putting all the ingredients together and letting them find their way on an inside level. Focus on the new ideas and the inspirations you get from other people.

“The more fulfilled you are, the more progress you make.” – Dianne A. Allen (21:28-21:31)

Number four is to allow your insight and your awareness to expand.

This is a big win because a lot of visionary leaders and smart people tend to overthink. Overthinking puts us in little tiny boxes while restricting our opportunity. We’re restricting our excitement. We’re restricting the possibilities. The truth is, if we’re going to move into making progress and we’re going to get unstuck, we want to do precisely the opposite. We want to be expanding. We want to allow our insight, our intuition, and our awareness to open the door of possibilities. The more open we are to other possibilities, the better things are.

Number five is to follow through and let the universe give you feedback.

In other words, take your action and follow through with what it is that you’re led to do. It might be your inspired idea or creative project, whatever that is. We live in an amazing universe that gives us unbelievably great feedback all the time. We’re always getting feedback on how we’re doing, how we’re feeling, what’s going on, and the progress toward where we’re going like mile markers all the time.

Sometimes the powerful question is, what are you willing to stop doing that’s been getting in your way? If you’re not ready to drop the old behaviors, it’s going to be very difficult to move forward. If you want to be unstuck and want to start making progress, you have to be willing to connect to your inner genius. You’re an amazing human being, and hopefully, this inspired you to make progress.

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