Future Shock – Current Pandemic

The term future shock was coined back in the 1970’s. Many of us can relate to the time when things began to change so quickly. Since that time, the speed that things are changing is exponential. This is causing deadly diseases that rob us of the ability to make our future better. So many people are either shutdown and apathetic or in full-blown overwhelm. In this pandemic, it is nearly impossible to keep up with what is changing. To this point, Future shock is a current pandemic.

Our youth today seem to feel responsible for cleaning up the mess from the generations before. I spoke to one of my clients who is experiencing future shock because he is concerned with cleaning up the environment which includes recycling, helping reduce homelessness and dealing with discrimination of all kinds. He is simply overwhelmed and shut down. He is experiencing future shock.

As the landscape in our world is changing faster than ever before in history, many are having problems seeing the future. They are out of sync, trying to solve yesterday’s problems with today’s technology. As I have heard, we invent technology then that technology invents us. Think of it, the smart phone is only 10 years old and there are 2 Billion of them in use. That number is only going to get larger.

In these times of change and shift, we are poised to make the greatest impact by creating tomorrow’s opportunities. The solution, as I see it, is to embrace the empowerment of the individual in creating the future. The future does not exist yet. The future is created by our actions and effort as well as our lack of actions and efforts.

What is Your Story?

Too Much Too Fast

Your inner story shows you what you are creating for your future. When you change your inner story, then your future is created in kind. There is great value in storytelling as an avenue to create the life you imagine for yourself. Even your inner story or dialogue is creating your future. For support and direction, schedule a discovery call today.

Walt Disney has been a person I admire since I became aware of the power in my own imagination. Walt started with a dream. The dream created the vision and then the story created the future. For you and me, our futures start with a dream. You can then see the vision come forward and from there your actions and efforts begin to shape the vision into your future.

The help for future shock, the intervention if you will, it to STOP for a time and dream. Stopping includes frequent creative rest breaks. Yes, dream up your future and the future of what matters most to you. Be specific and BOLD. Starting with an awesome dream, you will create an awesome future based on your tenacity and focused actions. This is how you can come out of future shock and move into a greater, awesome future life.

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