Get Out of the Cheap Seats

Get Our of the Cheap Seats - How to Make Upscale Choices

I was speaking with a client and was reminding her to get out of the cheap seats in life. Truly there are better ways to solve problems than to simply rearrange your words and convince yourself that you are changing the paradigm. As long as you are focused on the box, from inside or outside, the box continues to control you.

R. Buckmeister Fuller said: “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” I read this saying as it was hanging on the wall of a colleague’s office several years ago. It struck a cord within that continues to resonate today.  Let’s discuss another way, shall we?

Take a moment and identify how you solve your life problems. How do you set your goals and decide if you are making progress? Do you use your intuition or spiritual connection in this process? As the world is awakening and raising vibration. We, as humans, are called to raise our vibration as well and get out of the cheap seats.

Are you aware that your inner being has its own intelligence that is connected to the greater intelligence?

When you allow your own inner intelligence to lead the way, problems are solved more effectively and with much less sorrow and pain.

The way I look at this is that we are all energy beings. Each one of us has a vibration. Sadness and grief and pain have lower vibrations. Joy and Love and Harmony have high vibrations. Still we are all connected and vibrating based on where we are in that moment. Our vibrations change and flow as we allow. It is in trying to hold on to the grief or the happiness that you create your personal suffering.

Your inner intelligence is always seeking to expand and help you raise your vibration and help you get out of the cheap seats.

Step back from yourself for a minute and see yourself an energy being having a vibration. Notice how your body feels and what your mind is thinking. Notice how your vibration is either serving your goals and vision or it is clouding or even negating your vision.

I propose you use your vibration and energy to create the solutions you seek. Make upscale choices by using your inner intelligence to lead the way rather than using the outdated problem solving method where you isolate the problem and try to make it into something better. See how continuing to focus on the problem only gets you more of the problem on some level?

Get Out of the Cheap SeatsYour inner intelligence is inviting you to use your energy or intuition to solve the problems before you. This is the upscale version of making choices and creating solutions. By following your inner guidance and allowing that intelligence to support your choices, you get out of the cheap seats and into the VIP section!

Your personal vibration as an energy being is where your solutions to every problem lies.

To solve your problems using your intuition or inner intelligence, take these steps:

  1. Calm yourself. Breathe deeply and tune your mental and emotional attention inward. Connect with your inner energy flow. This can be done anywhere and anytime. The more you do it, the easier it will be to connect and see your solutions.
  2. Use your Imagination. As you play our various scenarios, you will be able to feel how your energy and vibration will be opened or blocked by the choice. There may not be words, yet there are always sensations and a knowingness. Trust your knowingness.
  3. Listen to your energy flow while trying on various solutions. Focus on a proposed solution or choice to be made, then feel your inner energy flow and vibration. Was the flow opened up and continues as you imagine the choice happening or did you experience a rub or resistance or even a wall of some type?
  4. Make choices based on your vibration and energy. Choose the awakening version of the solution even when others around you are lost. Maintaining personal integrity with your own inner intelligence and soul in much more important than what is happening in the old paradigm.
  5. Take Action. Begin to make choices and take action based on your inner vibration and the perceived flow. This is a step of confirmation. As you take action, you will continue to receive energy changes that give you important feedback.
  6. Adjust Accordingly based on your energy flow and your connection to whether the flow has an ease and comfort or has resistance or a block. Follow the flow. It may not make in the moment. You cannot see the entire path. Have trust and faith in the higher vibrations of our Universe rather than the fear based lower vibrations.

These six steps that can be broken down further as you progress and become even more aware of your own inner intelligence.

Practice using your intuition or inner intelligence to solve problems and make upscale choices.

By raising your vibration, you upscale your choices and get out of the cheap seats. Go out there and go within, breathe, raise your vibration and watch solutions rush into your awareness. Go for it!

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