Gifted Adults in Denial

Gifted adults in denial can be quite distressed. When they live in denial of their giftedness and intensities, they often live a compromised or less fulfilling life. Many get lost in drugs, alcohol, and other substances that numb the intensities. These amazing gifted people can be lost in a kind of surreal existence. Suicide, mental institutions and even incarceration can plague these people.

I had a client who was in strong denial of his giftedness. He would even argue with me when I would bring it up. He was struggling with addiction and had had legal issues that were clearly part of his challenges related to being gifted. He was defiant often and he tended toward neglecting his priorities. When he would share, he was easily frustrated and could not see his way out of the predicament due to such intensities that he had no idea existed in order to learn coping skills to moderate his experience. This is a tragic waste of a precious life.

As I worked with him and his denial began to life, he began to own his giftedness and his intensities. He eventually cleared up the problems from his earlier days and he started helping other gifted men in trouble begin to see how to function better and remain in a healthy state and free of legal issues.

When a gifted person who has been in denial breaks through and begins to come to understand intensities and giftedness, they experience a freedom. Now, there are valid ways to understand the previous events. They can now plan for a harmonious and productive future rather than resorting to a menial existence by default.

If you are resonating with these words, and you are not sure about your giftedness then I am here to let you know that if you were gifted, you would not understand what the point is of my writing. Reach out and become familiar with gifted studies and knowledge. Ask questions. We are here to help you free yourself from denial so you can be happy.

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3 Comments on “Gifted Adults in Denial”

  1. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for gifted adults. They really just want to be normal and fit in no different than kids.

  2. I continue to struggle with “giftedness”. Sometimes I get what I’ve learned and then I look again and yeah, no. Hey, I was in my 50’s when I started to get what giftedness I possess. When I say to Dianne, really? She says “Bless you, I’ll keep you in my prayers”. PHEW…..Thanks!

    1. Giftedness can be exciting and yet scary at times. Being in denial causes a host of added challenges. As you walk toward yourself, you will stumble less as you honor your inherent giftedness!

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