Gifted Multi-Potentialities with Andrea Whitt

Episode 208: Gifted Multi-Potentialities with Andrea Whitt


Are you stuck in a rut or have so many dreams you don’t know how to get started doing? In this insightful conversation with Andrea Whitt, she shares what it’s like marrying her greatest passions into a fulfilled life. 


As an international touring and recording music artist, painter, and fashion designer, she lets us in how you too can get over a creative rut, develop a daily discipline, and sustain enthusiasm for the many things you want to do 24/7!


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️  Your gut will always lead you in the best direction. This is how Andrea Whitt made decisions in her life, which led her to become one of the world’s very few and brilliant pedal steel guitar players. 


✔️  Find ways to stretch and challenge yourself regularly. Not doing this is the biggest reason why you find yourself in a creative rut. There’s a whole menu of things to get excited about that will light a new fire and help keep you going. 


✔️ You’re different, but you’re “cool different”! I’m sure you made choices that others questioned as strange and impractical. We all might be a little different, but we’re “cool different”! It is never wrong to follow what your intuition or your gut will say while others choose to override their purpose and passion with their mind.


Andrea Whitt is an international touring and recording artist. She performs on viola, fiddle, and pedal steel guitar, plays alongside Italian artist Zucchero, performs with ‘Acid Americana’ duo Katie & Andrea, and toured with Shania Twain. 


Andrea recorded on Grammy award-winning albums and has performed and recorded with dozens of other musicians, including Kamasi Washington, Kendrick Lamar, Deep Purple, Stevie Wonder, and Phil Lesh.


She started Bohemian Bunnie, born from her passion for art, style, and music. Painting since the age of two and hoarding clothes since before she can remember, Bohemian Bunnie celebrates the intertwining of all of the arts. With Andrea’s international touring schedule, Bohemian Bunnie has become a creative journey overseas and has been acclaimed in media and publications such as E! News, Brit + Co, and Marie Claire Taiwan.


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