Good Leaders Embody Hope

A Distinguished Leader brings Hope as a dynamic aspect of their leadership arsenal. Hope is a powerful, universal inner experience that is at the heart of all visions, missions and goals of a leader. Hope for the future, Hope for others, self and family and Hope in the power of Principled living. Every leader has the innate ability to experience Hope and share it with others. This keeps motivation, focus and cooperative action alive. Hope is vital for leadership and good leaders embody Hope.

Political as well as religious leaders often stand on a platform of hope to sway the population to follow them. This message of hope rings in the heart of people and is able to get action and results. A lack of Hope brings stress and a sense of toil and difficulty to daily living. A disconnection from Hope yields no self-motivation or self-direction. When a person or a group is disconnected from any inner hope, the future appears bleak and dark. Looking around today, it is seductive to succumb to fear and anxiety about the future. It is my Hope that others will join me in shifting to Hope and Trust as guiding Principles for daily living mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially. 

As the New Year fast approaches, I am hearing words of Hope. Phrases like “This year will be better” and “I haven’t had my best day yet” are beginning to pop up in my mind as well as in the minds of others. These phrases and sentiments spring from an inner well of hope. I am grateful that my life’s work offers hope to others and in turn sustains my personal hope. Not too long ago a stunning, intelligent woman sat before me in tears, weeping as she told me of her struggles and her desire to live a more fulfilled life. As she spoke about her many family and financial and career struggles, it became obvious that she was losing hope which is how she found me through a personal friend. I allowed her to speak until she said she had said what she wanted to say. I told her I heard her and that I would be willing to assist her in creating the life she imagines and better. She looked up with teary eyes and a red nose and said: “So, is there any hope for me?” I said “Yes, of course there is Hope.” In that moment she sat back in her chair, breathed a deep sigh of relief, cried a bit more then said she was willing to do whatever she could to feel hope again. In that moment, I was able to hold the space for Hope for her future when she was unable to connect to Hope for her life. Hope was the turning point that started her journey toward her vision for her life. I am honored to be the Hope Agent for many people!

Dianne presenting at an event.

This kind of Hope is the Principle of Hope which is different than mere hopeful thinking that resembles a wish. Hope as a Principle for living embodies the enthusiasm to do what is meant to be done; it goes beyond the mental “yes” and into the action of living life more fully. This more metaphysical way of experiencing the Principle of Hope helps you move beyond words and thoughts and into the full expression of Hope with all of your being from the inside out. This is often seen in action as altruism and doing good for the sake of doing good; not expecting a reward or accolade. Living from this internal core Principle of Hope, Trust also emerges as a powerful Principle for a leader.

Trust emerging through a leader looks like enthusiasm, support, encouragement. A Distinguished Leader has Trust in the process. The Principle of Trust has to do with a deep inner knowing and conviction regarding the Principles for living that transcends momentary outer appearances. Distinguished Leaders lead from the inside out.


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  1. Interesting you bring this point forward now. Everyone is talking about what is next and the future is out of our control. I’ve spoken with hope that each day is a smaller picture that is in our control. When I get up in the morning, I always say YES to start my day. Now I will add the feeling of hope and say YES! Spread some good vibes. Thanks

  2. that HOPE, that inner drive for better keeps me going. I continue to have faith and know I am loved. this helps a lot with me being self conscious and conforming to others beliefs my whole life.

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