Have the Guts to be Extraordinary

Have The Guts to be Extraordinary

Authentic power comes from walking on the edge of what you know in your heart and mind and what the society at large thinks it knows. On your journey, you will have to discover your own amazing Truth. This Truth shapes you and inspires you to grow, stretch and evolve personally. You will have amazing and empowered days and you will also have days that seem unproductive and even moving you in a direction not of your choosing.  Do you have the guts to be extraordinary? All these events and experiences work together for your overall good if you allow them to come together and you are paying attention to your greater journey and path.

Too many people focus their goals so short sighted that they spend much too much time being frustrated and disappointed. When you are planning out a few months or even a few years, these are great short-term milestones, certainly. Yet your real authentic extraordinary power comes when you are focused out a couple generations. Look at the larger picture and things make much more sense.

You must be willing to take the journey and follow your personal path.

To do this, you must be willing to leave the pack that is behind you. You cannot make the others come with you. They must choose for themselves. Your authentic inspired power that will blow your mind comes from within. It is your instinct, intuition, gut feelings and all the intuitive flashes that abound when you slow down enough to listen to them. It is time to take your training wheels off and begin to flourish as you follow your personal path to extraordinary.

Do you believe in a power that is invisible, potent and mystical or mysterious?

As I move through my day, I feel deep in my soul the knowingness that I am “called” to do works of inspiration and service. I believe that I am listening and am guided day by day.  I choose to listen as a whole minded, intuitive, service-oriented leader to the internal still small voice that is urging me onward.

I am often perceived as rational, even when my ideas may be somewhat esoteric. Some just say a few words to my comments and then move on while others are more open minded and listen with their inner ears. They seem to take the message and let it germinate. Then, they too, are carrying the inspired message in their own way. I believe that this way to changing our world for the better is real and can move mountains. It only takes our openness and willingness to take a stand for the Higher Principles of Love, Kindness, Compassion and Gratitude.

I realize that I am not as powerful as I could be in this area when I am impacted by the outer world of fears and strife. Sometimes the worry can deflate my focus or power for a time. Yet, as I reconnect within, the fire burns brightly and my authentic, connected power emerges.

You, as I, must be willing to listen with an open mind and heart to that still small voice within that lovingly nudges us forward along our path.

No two paths are identical, yet we travel together along the path of enlightenment.

Are you afraid to honor and follow your inner guidance or instincts? Maybe you are afraid to make a mistake or go the wrong way. This fear is really telling you to get ready for the journey. Any mis-take simply offers you information for your journey. You are always being directed and redirected as you move along your path. Think of driving a car. You are always adjusting the steering wheel, right? If you held it in one place, you would crash. Same thing with life. You are always adjusting the wheel, your mind, words and actions, to align with the greater goal or calling. This is how your extraordinary self emerges. This take guts.

walk your path to extraordinaryMany leave the road and opt for being comfortably numb and ignoring their Truth and calling. They do not have the Guts. I think it is true that many are called and only a few responds and actually walk the path.

Are you called to create art, be a visionary and inspire others or create music, teach or serve and the list goes on and on? You are called to transcend the ordinary. Your choices help you raise the bar and continue to create and serve beyond your initial ideas. The key here is to be following your inner calling and not just trying to make a living.

You will run into extremists and zealots. This is a distortion of living an extraordinary life. I am speaking about being open and willing to following your inner calling and having the guts to take the next right actions. Those who are unbalanced yet say they are called have a different path. Do not be distracted by others. Remain focused on your personal path. It is not crazy to dedicate your life to empowerment and the extraordinary in service, compassion and gratitude, is it? Rather to ignore your inner most calling, and guidance is what is crazy.

Do you have the guts to be extraordinary?

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