Awaken the Heart of the Gifted

Awaken the Heart of the Gifted with Human Design

There could be less pain and suffering for gifted people if they only knew how to make their hearts and minds work together. 


Former clinician, professor, and founder of WholeHEART Awakening, Jared DuPree, teaches that all healing roots from the HEART and encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets Me ▶️ Awaken the Heart of the Gifted with Jared DuPree. 


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️ It took 15 years of traditional practice as a counselor before Jared achieved a breakthrough that shifted his spirit. After gathering new learnings from ancient arts and various methods around the world, he unraveled a wealth of ways to heal holistically. 


✔️Gifted people tend to play small. They live life trying to accommodate 

everyone around them. They don’t want to ruffle feathers. They don’t want to be branded as “too out there.” If you share these beliefs for yourself — know that there will always be those who will get triggered just because of who you are. And that’s okay. You can’t play small or pretend to become who you are not. Share your gifts because that’s the part you must play to make this world better.


✔️There’s a reason people say ‘Go with your gut’ or ‘follow your heart’ for thousands of years. We call it a hunch, instinctual reaction, or gut feeling — many terms describe the ability to navigate life without just relying on the “knowing” of the mind. 


Science and spirituality experts refer to this as the ability to understand things and figure out solutions without depending only on intellect. When one achieves awakening, a big part is letting go of giving so much power to reasoning and strengthening trust in your gut.


✔️ Body awareness will become your best compass. The mind can lie, but the body doesn’t. Learn how to sink into your body and pay attention to yourself. You can trust that what you’re feeling are signs to help you take the right path. Many esoteric resources share how certain pressure in different parts, whether in the heart, knee, stomach, throat, or head actually holds significant meanings that direct you on the path of healing and happiness.


✔️ Stay in alignment and integrity from your heart space and allow the universe to maneuver around you. You can’t put off your happiness until you get to the day when the perfect habits, skills, relationships, income, and ideal life arrives. Recognize you’re good where you are NOW and trust your heart will take you to the right places at the right time.


Jared DuPree PhD, MBA 


Jared began his work as a traditional counselor earning a PhD in Couples & Sex Therapy specializing in intimacy, connection, and trust. After 15 years of practice as a clinician and working as a professor, he felt a shift occurring that led to his own spiritual awakening. Since then, he has gathered tools and methods throughout the world to understand how to heal and awaken layer upon layer. He finds himself attracted to various arts and approaches including Reiki, Yoga, Shamanic healing, Chakra work, Energy work, Medium work, journeying, Tantra, sacred music, breath work, Human Design, Gene Keys, and integrative dance. He feels drawn to helping the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies weave at an individual and planetary level; he feels connected to the works of the Magdalenes, Isis, Druids and various tribal groups throughout the world. He currently resides in the mountains outside of Asheville, NC; he also spends time in the Sacred Valley, Peru; Costa Rica; Mexico; Scotland; Breitenbush, Oregon; and Ubud, Bali offering healing and awakening retreats. 


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