Hope Realized

To realize something means to bring it to pass. To realize hope means that you can identify, and tangibly experience hope in a real and meaningful manner. Hope Realized, a guide for transformation, is the title of one of my books that supports your path to living hope in your daily life. Hope is vital in today’s world, I believe.

I have had times in my life where I felt completely hopeless. I used similar ideas and techniques in this book to bring myself out of these dark and challenging times. Everyone could use a little hope these days and this is the perfect companion for each of your days. Many people have share profound insights while reading this book.

Hope springs from within and is ever-present like an underground reservoir. Your project is to create and maintain the fountain that draws that beauty out into the light of day. With this, you are liberated, and your life is brighter than you can imagine.

Each day, I take time apart from my routines and spend time in quiet, being still inwardly. Sometimes I walk quietly in nature and other times I relax and connect to my breathing. Regardless, I am dedicated to connecting to my innermost self with respect and care.

During this time, I focus my intention, my attention, and my words and actions on service, care and being a beneficial presence in whatever manner I am called to be that day. Over the years, I have learned to trust my inner guidance. In this trust lies comfort, calm, and harmony. My soul seeks to be connected and joyful as does yours. Anytime we are not in this space, we are in an altered state. My goal in these times is to, breathe deeply, stop outer activity for a short time and reconnect to my inner wisdom and guidance.

Each day I am sure to complete a few simple tasks that support my growth and transformation.

My daily tasks include:

1. Drinking lemon water upon arising in the morning. This helps wake up my body and get my metabolism going. I drink room temperature water with the juice of half of a fresh lemon.

2. Stretching my body to free any stuck energy. Some nights can be turbulent, so I am sure to stretch as long as I need to in order to fully embody my emotions moving into the day. Sometimes, I even stretch throughout the day if I have a lot of sitting activities.

3. Reading the daily reading from Hope Realized and spending time with the word of the day, the activity and setting my intention to connect with the daily word.

4. Meditating on gratitude and being the emissary of gratitude in my daily life. I focus on the 3 kinds of gratitude and maintaining this focus throughout the day. Even on the days when it is challenging, I bring my attention to this principle.

5. Holding a consciousness of compassion for myself and others as we navigate the day.

6. Ending my day in meditation honoring all the events; the good, the bad and the ugly. Rectifying anything that I need to and honoring what went well. I journal a few lines in my Hope Realized book to bring the day full circle.

7. Drifting off to sleep, I say Thank You 3 times, take several cleansing breaths and close my eyes.

Some days, I am on point and others I may miss some marks. My evening routine is where I assess any needed changes, Using Hope Realized has made all the difference.

I wrote the book each day for a year initially. Now, I continue to work with the 366 days as I move through the book. Even repeating days yields different insights. I love to look back at what I had previously written to see how I have changed and transformed.

If you are like me, having a central focus for your mind during the day helps alleviate fear and distractions. I am more joyful and satisfied in life. To get a sample of the book, purchase the book or contact me, visit www.msdianneallen.com.

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