How Perserverance Helps You Overcome Obstacles in Life with Andy Blair

“You can turn those obstacles into stepping stones by having perseverance.” — Dianne A. Allen (00:46-00:50)

Have you ever met someone who was able to turn their obstacles into stepping stones? All of us want to have a certain level of perseverance. This may be a common word that you hear every day, but it can create such a powerful impact on our life. In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about how perseverance helps you overcome obstacles in your life.

Part One of ‘How Perseverance Helps You Overcome Obstacles in Life with Andy Blair’

Andy Blair is currently a Family Life and Recovery Pastor at HighPoint Church in Lake Wales, Florida. Andy is originally from Kentucky, but he and his family have spent time all over the country. Before coming to Lake Wales, he has been the lead pastor of Crosspoint Church in Natchez, Mississippi, for three years.

Before that, he and his family lived in the Tampa Bay area for eight years. Andy spent 20+ years in Fortune 500 companies and had a successful career in sales and leadership. However, in 2006 he found himself bankrupt spiritually, mentally, and physically and found himself in a drug and alcohol rehab.

“Keep going no matter what.” – Dianne A. Allen (01:17-01:19)

Andy finally answered God’s call on his life in 2006, and since then, God has been working in and through Andy and his family. Andy’s wife, Becky, is a school teacher and is teaching Kindergarten in Polk County. He loves to golf, fish and hunt.

Andy and Becky have two daughters, Emily and Betsy. Emily is a graduate of Furman University and is currently in Cincinnati, Ohio, and works for the American Heart Association. Betsy graduated from Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City and is in her second year at Palm Beach Atlantic, where she is pursuing a master’s in social work. Both daughters are getting married in 2020.

Part Two of ‘How Perseverance Helps You Overcome Obstacles in Life with Andy Blair’

Andy loves to share the story of how God put his family back together through a church. Growing up, he discovered that he has a high calling and that life isn’t just about money or fame. That served as the defining moment that shifted his life until he decided to follow his vision and heart’s desire. He surrendered in a way that he started looking at what he was supposed to be doing with his life.

He remembers getting on a plane in Houston to fly to Florida to go to rehab, and he said to God, “If you relieve this from me, I will serve you the rest of my life.” Upon staying in Florida, he started attending a church and bumped into a Pastor who told him that he has what it takes to be in the ministry.

“Follow your heart’s desire, your vision, and your calling.” – Dianne A. Allen (11:44-11:46)

That was the beginning of God right-sizing his life through many places where he was led to meet different people speaking into his life and through various service opportunities until he finally said yes to God.

Despite the trials along the way, God has been so good providing for his family. He painted houses while pursuing ordination and establishing his qualifications for ministry.

Today, he continues to make a positive impact in the lives of many people out there. Maybe not all our stories are the same, but all things always work together for our good.

His story of perseverance can fuel someone’s faith that you may not be where you want to be right now, but you are where you need to be because God is in the business of putting people in the right direction so they can live their God-given purpose.

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