How the Tree of Life Helps Leaders Execute Their Vision with Sharon Rosen

“If you’re a leader, you’ve got to start growing and expand yourself into something you know nothing about.”

— Dianne A. Allen (7:58-8:04)

Leaders are faced with everyday challenges and obstacles. It’s vital that you learn how to be proactive versus reactive. That’s what you were designed to handle as a leader in the first place. The fact you’ve embraced the leadership role is a transformation, and it’s full of possibilities. Many of them are stuff you choose, while some are the pure luck of the draw. Your job as a leader is to execute your vision and not to get off track. Either you have to see it happening and be ready, or you have to be prepared to tackle it on the run.


In this week’s episode of Someone Gets Me, Dianne A. Allen interviews Sharon Rosen to help leaders execute their visions. Watch the full show of “How the Tree of Life Helps Leaders Execute Their Vision with Sharon Rosen.” and learn how to be a vision-filled and effective leader.  


Part One of “How the Tree of Life Helps Leaders Execute Their Vision with Sharon Rosen.”


If you’re a leader, you’ve got to start growing and expand yourself into something you know nothing about and be curious. Living in your head alone is like being a stick with a brain that doesn’t work. It destroys your body and stops your goodness from showing up in the world. Your goodness is important and vital. So please be a little curious about something new. Go to a place where you can learn, a place such as “The Tree of Life.” Imagine that The Tree of Life lives within you.


The Tree of Life is contained within universes, which is part of the most inclusive, ethereal and untouchable reality. You get it in a way that you could never have gotten from books. Healings with people engaging with the Tree of Life is such a great gift. It also can help you get unstuck from past issues. 


This is important because being a leader means transformation. You are transforming yourself so you can change other people’s lives as well. But transformation isn’t always fun and pretty. You can’t run a marathon unless you create more endurance to sustain yourself.  


It’s not always just light and comfortable and pretty on the spiritual growth journeys. Spiritual growth journeys are very messy. Although people like to say that it’s all beautiful and it’s great, that’s true. But, at the very same time, it can be very messy and very intense and very challenging and requires multiple peer groups of support, other human connection and direction.  


If leaders are more deeply supported internally and externally, then we’re able to lead more effectively with less angst and anger and attack in the world. We can lead from a more authentic spot.“- Dianne A. Allen (26:10-26:23)


The most significant leaders, the greatest visionaries, have other people in their corner who are leaders and visionaries because we got to support each other.


We have to learn how to hold opposites and hold paradoxes. That’s where the healing and the wholeness come in, not from thinking that you can push away all the “negative stuff” or the stuff you don’t like and go to the light. 


Life is messy, but it’s beautiful, astounding, and unique. Learn to hold things in the right balance, which isn’t always 50/50, depending on what’s going on.


Sharon says it perfectly, “You’re not broken, and I’m not here to fix you. I am here as a “healer”; I’m a catalyst for other people’s always available wholeness. So you already have everything you need inside of you.”


But life by the very virtue of being born into human form, some things get a little out of kilter. And we learn to adapt. Like if somebody has a physical handicap. They deal with it, get a prosthetic, and keep moving on.


So rectifying is a way of holding, reflecting, embodying, and resonating out the already healed and whole being that lives within you.


Always come back into yourself, to not be expecting. It’s natural to want things, but the less you want and hope, you don’t need as much from people out there to understand you the way you want —therefore, people get you more. 


Part Two of “How the Tree of Life Helps Leaders Execute Their Vision with Sharon Rosen.”


A leader is not necessarily a position. A leader can be a four-year-old that leads somebody out of danger. Sometimes leaders are mischievous ones who get the class to do wild stuff to the teachers, but they’re still leaders, and we’re all leaders somehow.


If leaders live from the essence of The Tree of Life, their leadership transmutes into something even more impressive than they thought. 


So when we’re working with The Tree of Life, you’ll deal with aspects that correlate to the hips and the legs. It has something to do with how you move in the world. If someone is in a leadership role, they’re used to going, doing, and not stepping back into their splendor, wisdom, and goodness.


Taking time for themselves is a sort of self-care. When you’ve got a good balance in these two areas, because you’re always pushing, pushing, and pushing, that pushing has to be balanced with more internal aspects of self-care. Maybe a meditative practice or writing practice or something that’s just for you, that feeds you and sustains you nourishes you on a deep level. 


Sometimes you have to stand still. Go more internally, and then you refuel, and then you can move forward from a more strategic and balanced and sustainable place. 


The Tree of Life helps you keep the flow going so that you can be grounded and centered. And if you start moving too far, too fast, you check back in. It helps us come back to who we are so that we can move forward more effectively -Dianne A. Allen (30:11-30:32)


Many people struggle with burnout because they’re always pushing, and even leaders who aren’t pushing can struggle from burnout because if you don’t take care of yourself along the way, you spend all your inner resources.


So The Tree of Life helps you keep the flow going. It’s okay to stop for a minute, take a few deep breaths. 


Remember that even if it feels like an emergency or urgent, it doesn’t mean it is. Using The Tree of Life’s balance and holding both things permits us not to be slaves to that urgency.


It’s huge in our society. It’s enormous in people who have big visions. “I gotta do it.” “I gotta get it out there.‘ 


The thing with leaders is that they have people who lean into them and count on them. Maybe they don’t feel that they have enough of that kind of support in their own life. It’s like you’re trying to do a marathon on one leg. 


Rest into the fact that you’re part of something larger than just you and let yourself rest. Feel yourself, stop and close your eyes for a minute when you have time during the day and go, “Oh, it’s not just all about me. I’m not the only driver here.” 


Rest back into the fact that you are part of a much larger energy field. Additionally, leaders tend to overthink things and tend to wrap it on their heads and consequently undo the very blessing they could be receiving.


Leaders are visionaries in any way and are creatives. They should see that life is multidimensional and that they have multifaceted abilities. They can go at anything from lots of angles. 


Everybody, keep your face to the sun, so the shadows fall behind you because you’re a rock star, and you’re here on purpose.


So, let’s use our curiosity and our multidimensional selves to emerge even more magical and brilliant.


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